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Thread: Baby Power/Oil?

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    Default Baby Power/Oil?

    Under what circumstances would I use these? I have never used them before so I just want to know.. what to use them for.

    Sorry for the weird question... lol....

    I just wondered.

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    The only thing I use oil for is massages. I use powder because I like the smell/it cuts down on the itch a little when I wear overnight.

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    the way i use them is the powder is to help keep you dry from sweat and some moistur if you wet yourself, the oil can help reduce rashes. Tho i don't use the oil much

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    Baby powder is used to prevent diaper rash, and should generally be used whenever you plan on either using a diaper for its intended purpose, or just staying in it for lengthy periods of time. And as BrattyBaby28 pointed out, it is quite helpful with cutting down on the itching/chafing.

    Baby oil, on the other hand, is (barring its various other uses) used to cure diaper rash.

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    Ok.. cause I never used it before. I knew It is supposed to protect my skin.

    Does baby powder prevent crotch rot? ( Because I get crotch rot from my job, sometimes if I am too tired to shower the night after work, then go to work again in the morning.. )

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    Yeah, it should help. Although if it doesn't, then you may want to switch to something stronger, such as the the Gold Bond medicated powder.

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    Baby powder will just help keep your skin dry if you plan on using the diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    Does baby powder prevent crotch rot?
    It can help prevent it, but once you have a rash or fungal issue down there it won't do much. Medicated powders, some of which will say 'for diaper rash' will help. If it's really bad you may need creme

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    Well personally, if I was to use baby oil I'd put in on just after having a shower or bath. It makes your skin feel really nice and soft.

    Whereas powder, I'd put on just before a change. It helps to absorb moisture, and reduces friction.

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    I use powder all the time, and not just when wearing diapers. I'll use it after a shower or bath for a nice fresh smell and feeling. Wearing diapers, the whole area "down there" (back and front) gets powdered. It's what parents do with babies. Reduces smells and helps keeps the skin dry but soft.

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