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Thread: Anyone else try Window 7 RC?

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Anyone else try Window 7 RC?

    So... I downloaded the latest beta of Windows 7 (Release Candidate, Build 7100) and so far I like it a lot. But I've noticed you get a very different experience depending on whether you do a clean install or an upgrade install.

    For my ASUS 1000HD Netbook:
    I did a clean install. The operating system boots in under 40 seconds and reports 57% memory free after boot. The application compatibility is a LOT better than the beta 7000 build. The Intel GMA can only display a hint of the Aero interface effects, but the standard interface is pretty and perfectle usable. Applications seem to run as fast as WinXP. (Aero Experience is 1.7)

    For my Compaq laptop 2.0 GHz dual core):
    I did an upgrade install on this one. Because the computer has a 256 Mb nVidia graphic chip, the operating system was able to show the full Aero interface. However, most of the Vista sluggishness carried over into Win-7. The computer still boots a lot faster than plain Vista, and the system reports 45% memory free after boot, I think it's pretty obvious that you get more bang out of a clean install. (Aero experience is 4.7)

    For both installs, however, the application compatibility is quite good -- even with picky apps like Second Life.

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    I've been debating over it.
    I've burned a disc of Windows 7...

    Just finished downloading under an hour ago.

    I just had to reformat 3 computers in the last couple of days so I don't feel like reformatting AGAIN

    especially since I am just getting settled down to my new Compaq Laptop, which seems to run pretty good.

    ( 1.9 GHZ Athlon x2, 1MB Cache, Nvidia Geforce 8200, 2Gig RAM, 160 GB HDD )

    Its not bad at all I did have to reformat it from Windows Vista Basic 32bit to Windows Home Premium 64bit. Also had to install Windows Vista on both my desktops when I had a harddrive failure in one of them and had to seperate the RAID array in my Dell to get a harddrive for the other computer.


    Tell me... whats up with the taskbar?

    Can you switch it back to the way it was before where it just shows the name of the application you are running w/o having to hover over the program icon on the taskbar?

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    ... And if I would be installing Windows 7 I would be doing it on my laptop, because I've heard that the battery life is improved in Windows 7...

    I know it would be compatible with Vista Drivers because the drivetrain... is still the same.. Its still Vista but better? Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    So... I downloaded the latest beta of Windows 7 (Release Candidate, Build 7100) and so far I like it a lot. But I've noticed you get a very different experience depending on whether you do a clean install or an upgrade install.
    7 is pretty nice, certainly so for a beta. And clean install all the way, no matter what OS I've used over the years, if you want a fresh OS, you start with a fresh install.

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    I installed it last night.

    I hate the taskbar. I figured out how to get Quick Launch, but the little icons that group and all that crap, can I get rid of those icons and just have regular little tabs on the taskbar like I had in Vista ( in Vista I had as many as 20-30 windows open at once and liked the way my taskbar worked.. )

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    Butterfly Mage


    On my netbook, I like the itty-bitty shrunken icons since they fit on the screen better.

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    I guess it makes sense. Should I just leave it alone if my laptop screen has a maximum resolution of 1280x800

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    Windows 7..... mostly what Vista was originally supposed to be. At least it seems that way. They take a project, strip it down, release it anyway (Vista), then eventually release pretty much what the original was supposed to be (Windows 7). Not only that, but they sell it for a completely outrageous price! It's almost like they planned it just so they could make twice as much money.

    I'm not saying I hate Vista, but it could have been better. My main complaint is that it's a huge resource hog! Still, I'll probably stick with Vista until I get a new computer someday. It's good enough until then. Oh, and I wonder if they'll be planning to release Windows 8 a year after I get that new computer..... or maybe a Windows 7.5.

    I doubt I'll be trying any of these early samples of Windows 7 because there just isn't much point in doing so (at least that I can see). It'll just stop working eventually. Even if it didn't have a deactivation thing built in, then it wouldn't get updates anyway because it's not a final product (I could be wrong though). A release candidate could still have major bugs and Microsoft probably wouldn't release patches the same way they would for a final version. But I guess the main deciding factor is that I'd rather not wipe my hard drive, especially for something temporary.

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