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Thread: How are cloth diapers?

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    So I had an idea that would save me time and some money. I was wondering how cloth diapers are. I have been buying disposables but the cost builds up and I canít get to many as Iím still keeping diapers hidden from my family. Since I normally wear for just comfort and occasionally wetting I was curious if cloth diapers would be a better compromise for me. Sure I wonít get the swell, tint change or wetness indicators but I would be able to wear more.
    So my overall question is, do you like cloth diapers more than disposables for being at home?
    Also what brands do you recommend. On amazon I see sigzagor, happy endings and ecoable. Ecoable was the only one I can get shipped to a amazon locker, so it would take a little more to figure out how to get it to me with out sending it right to my house.

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    I think people who like cloth diapers, like them for specific reasons rather than to save money. I grew up in the cloth diaper generation so I like them because that's what I wore when I was a baby and toddler. I also like the wet feeling, but one can get that as well with disposables.

    If you're not going to wet your diapers, than cloth should work for you. But if you want to wet them, they smell more when wet than disposables and you will have to find a way to wash and dry them in the dryer. I'm not sure that would be very practical for you. It's a lot easier to just throw out a used disposable. And if you want to wear and wet cloth diapers, you also will need plastic pants.

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