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  • 18 and below

    10 14.71%
  • 19 to 21

    12 17.65%
  • 22 to 24

    11 16.18%
  • 25 to 30

    13 19.12%
  • 31 to 40

    8 11.76%
  • 41 and up

    14 20.59%
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Thread: When did you start to wear more

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    I wore nappies at night during my teens as I constantly wet the bed. I became incontinent in my late 40's and have been in nappies 24/7 sine I turned 50

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    I started to wear much more often when I finally got my first adult diapers, than before with the baby diapers I dabbled with before that point. I currently donít have any plans to go 24/7 as it wouldnít be appropriate with my job.

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    do you wear them all day, or just in bed? what brand do you wear.? how did your partner react?

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    33... I got a divorce and thar gave me time and privacy. I am still a single dad, but wear almost nightly after they go to bed and nearly every day at my job.

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    So now that the poll has been up for over a week I can see a lot of the data was not what I thought. There seems to be a even spread though the age ranges I gave for wearing more frequentl/ 24/7. I originally thought the data would be clustered in the 22 to 30 range for being to wear more. From what has been recorded it seems the age people began going 24/7 or wear more frequently is more random than I anticipated. It really makes me think about if age is not a factor in the choice what is? Maybe Iíll make a poll of that later.

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    I started wearing more when I bought my house. I figured my place my rules, 8 years later and I still love it.

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    I don't really get to wear all that often. I keep the diaper side of me a secret from my wife so I only really get to wear when I travel (like right now) for business. Or sometimes if I'm feeling risky when she's off with friends. I'm on a rotating schedule every 4 or 5 months at work too so when I'm on a different shift then her I wear like every work day while she's gone pretty much untill I run out of diapers.

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    My 19-21 answer is skewed. I do not wear 24/7 but wear daily at night. Daytime is typical training underwear by itself or may be with PULs if I am flying.

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    When I moved out and was working more, I started to wear more often and then 24/7 off and on.

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