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Thread: Waistband leak guards?

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    Default Waistband leak guards?

    We all know that the premium adult diapers include leg leak guards. These help to contain pee and poo in the center of the diaper and help reduce leaks from the leg gathers.

    Some baby diapers also include waistband leak guard.s
    Do any adult premium diapers include waistband leak guards?

    Waistband leak guards are especially useful for containing leaks when laying down. I have to create my own by folding the top of my diaper (basically the waistband) inside to create a stoppage channel which helps to prevent leaks out the top front or back.

    Can we get our premium adult diaper manufactures to include front and back waistband leak guards?

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    I've always try to engineer making better diapers, and I've always though that adding a leak guards to the front and back would work. I just don't think any companies are willing to fork the costs of doing it because they'd have to add to the assembly line, but if I ever win the lottery, I'll make the bestest ever. XD

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    if you wear a slightly large size diaper that has a good front elastic band, and attach the top tape snug and just off the top edge of the padding, you can get the same effect. The top edge of the padding folds over a little bit and creates a pocket at the top front.

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