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Thread: Childhood Pets

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    Wow! This is very interesting reading all of your stories of your favorite childhood pets! I'm glad I was able to help revive this thread! Please encourage others to share their stories of their favorite dogs, cats, fish, or whatever pet you may have had.

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    I always had pets of all sorts growing up, but the 2 I've been the most connected with and were with me for all of my childhood (until late high school or a few years after that) were a Cat named Morris (looked kinda like the one on the bag of cat food Orange/White; he had 6 fingers (basically 2 thumbs per hand) on both of his front paws), and a Dog named Big Boy (half Pit-Bull, Half Lab, he had a shiny Black/Brindle (multi-color) coat of fur and was very loving, protective, and laid back (he sounded fierce, but never bit anybody and wanted tons of attention)).

    I've had both of them for roughly 14 or 15 years (at the same time; they were basically best friends to each other) and grew up with both of them; naturally they eventually got old and quickly died peacefully; and both hurt a lot emotionally; of course you eventually "replace" (I'm using that term loosely as you still miss old pets, no 2 are the same, all are unique) them and move on, but you never forget old pets, and they will always hold a special place in your heart and memories.

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    For most of my youth, I had a black cat named Donel Doo (or Donel, for short)—he was a dear old soul. Sure, there was the occasional clawing when I got a little too rough with him, but I meant him no ill will. For one thing, I liked how he used to walk over me while I was asleep. Sadly, the older he got, the more dehydrated he became. Even all those saline injections we gave him per our vet's instructions weren't enough to save him. We now keep his ashes up on the living room mantel.

    Before him, we had a tiger-looking cat named Minou. He didn't last very long—he just up and ran off a few months or so after I'd been born.

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