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    I just invested in a cloth diaper after hearing so many people laud them. I know nothing about them. How do I clean it ? (won't be any solid waste)It has Velcro on it. Also how do I clean plastic pants? Just rinse them? Direct me to a good thread.

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    I have an all in one cloth with snaps ( I don't mess or wet it (only wear just in case and occasionally cum in it ). I just wash the inserts and outer in the shower then hang up in wardrobe, as I have housemate who doesn't know I wear/am a DL. But the theses are the instructions from their site:

    • Once used, knock solids into the toilet, a nappy liner will make this easier.
    • Store in a dry nappy bucket or open basket until washing (no soaking required). It’s recommended to wash within 24hrs. Extended soaking in NapiSan or Bleach will damage the elastics or waterproof layers. Storing in dry pail is the best option for your nappies and families safety.

    • Use enough detergent in the wash for the size of the load. Choose a good detergent, OMO Liquid or Powder. Radiant for Front & Top loader powder is good for cold water washing.
    • Regular wash in plenty of cold or warm water. We recommend cold to 40C, but not hotter than 60C for an occasional wash as regular heat exposure will degrade the fabric & elastics.
    • If you have a washing machine with a high water efficiency rating, you may need to try a few different settings to find the one that washes with the most amount of water.
    • Doing a pre wash or short wash first with warm water and detergent. Then a long cold wash with detergent can help reduce stains and obtain a good clean wash.
    • The shells are best dried in the shade, too much sun or heat can deteriorate the fabric. However the occasional line dry in the sun with the nappy white side up to remove stubborn stains. Microfiber & Bamboo Inserts can be put into the dryer or dried in the sun.
    • Inserts will take 6-8 washes to reach maximum capacity. The inserts can be soaked overnight to help speed up the process, then wash another couple of times. If using the inserts before they reach their peak, you will just need to change the nappy more often to prevent leaks.

    A few DO NOTS

      • No fabric softeners, bleach or soaking – regular and proper washing will help with germs and stains. The sun will help with some stains too.
      • No nappy rash creams, unless using a liner.

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    I just started with cloth myself. I’m still skeptical. Anyway, I just put everything in the wash on the gentle cycle. Seems to be working so far.

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    I wash my cloth diapers in the washing machine. They're tough and can take it. Plastic pants I rinse out in the shower. If you have vinyl plastic pants, only use water as oil and oil products will dry them out and they'll crack. If you have PUL plastic pants, you can wash those in the washing machine with detergent. All plastic pants can only be air dried, no drier. I put mine on a plastic hanger and let them dry naturally.

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    I put my cloth into the washing machine on a 15 minute wash with no washing powder to rinse them in the morning and then every few days I wash the previously rinsed ones with washing powder on a full wash. I rinse and drip dry the plastic pants after several days.

    Note I’m not IC so can take a break from this when it’s too much. I can see it would be a bit wearing if it was every day but I could do it.

    Note I’m a heavy wetter at night. If you’re not this may be over the top.

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    I wash my cloth diapers, and booster pads in hot water, on the white cycle. I use Dreft, or other detergent for baby clothing and dry them in the dryer. PUL pants can be washed in the washer, not hot water, but warm. and let them air dry. I do not mess in my diaper, only pee; I take wet diapers and PUL pants into the shower and rinse them out. Then I take the wet diaper, booster and fold them and put them into the PUL pants and into the laundry basket. If the diaper is not rinsed, it will stink aweful

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