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Thread: Let some discussion begin! (As suggested)

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    I have worn women's panties, bikini style for years for this express reason. I wear two pair at a time (for more holding power), one white, one with a cute print...which can be hard to find...I used to just search thru the packages at places like WalMart for a package (come in like 4/pack) for one with a printed one. Then last time I ended up buying thru eBay. Figuring out the correct size was a bit of a challenge at first, but if you search online to buy panties and look at sizing charts, you can come with one. Example, my waist size is about 40. I wear size 9 panties and they hold up my cloth diapers very well.

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    Sorry for not being part of the conversation lately. All are great suggestions! I did find I do have pink and a white onesies. I need to get more because the ones I have are very thin and I would prefer a heavier material. But these will work under my regular clothes for now. I still like the idea of suspenders though! Suspenders with maybe some pacifier print? Anybody seen that anywhere? lol

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    I wear pinned cloth while at home and overnight, and I agree that using a onesie/ bodysuit is the best thing to keep it from sagging like crazy.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	31579 that and some have skirts. I Luvs me some over the top pink ruffles.

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    A strong solution is wearing bike pants or compression shorts - not too tight squeezing out fluid - but damn that sure ruins the effect of showing off pretty diapers.

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    If I really need to make sure my diapers don't droop or sag (a single insert Babyland is prone to this) I wear compression shorts. They give me a nice shape and hold up the diaper.

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    I always wear a pair of tights over my cloth diapers. They fit a bit looser and more comfortable than panty hose but they work very well. If fact they even
    enhance the experience. Try a Target store. My favorite color is white.

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