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Thread: Most Embarrasssing Moments

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    I think calling my Kindergarten teacher Mom still sticks with me to this day haha. Just the sheer embarrassment 5 year old me felt accidentally calling her mom was dreadful!

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    I was once in the bathroom with the door closed and was looking at the texture of the wall over the toilet. I was thinking, "I've never touched that before, I wonder what it feels like." I knew I would look pretty strange leaning over the toilet to touch it, but the door was closed and I thought, "What are the odds someone could come in right now?" Sure enough, right then my older brother opened the door and came in. For some time after that he would go around saying "NeverKnow worships the toilet!"

    I played RuneScape when I was younger, which as those familiar with it know is a fairly addictive and repetitive MMORPG. At least among everyone I knew it was a pretty shameful game to play. I had stopped for a year or two and but then picked it up again. My younger brother decided to announce this out of the blue to my friends at my birthday party. It was one of the most gratuitously evil acts I've ever witnessed. I don't think it was payback for anything. He seemed to realize how absurdly petty it was, because he promptly slinked out of the room, and my friends were nice enough not to say anything after some initial reactions.

    One of my major stressors in middle school was that I'd been growing more distant with my best friend from elementary school, who was becoming close friends with another kid who didn't seem to like me. There was a big overnight field trip at the end of the year for which you had to pick a partner to be paired with the whole time. I was dreading the possibility that he wouldn't pick me. When the time came, I had to play rock-paper-scissors for it, and I lost. I had a handful of other good friends but by that time they had all paired off with each other. The thing was done with the whole seventh grade in the auditorium, and I was the last to partner off with the kid who had been cruelly and relentlessly bullied for years, with some of my friends laughing at me. (Needless to say, it was much worse for that fellow. Children can be monsters.)

    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    When I was in like...third grade I accidentally touched the teacher's aide on the butt. XD

    I was stretching and didn't know he was back there. And I still kinda cringe at the thought that he might have thought a third grader just wanted to grab some of that booty. (I'm also logically 99% sure that he didn't think that, I was just embarrassed. XD Unlike Nemo, I did NOT want to touch the butt.)
    This reminds me of a (rather different) scenario when I was pretty small and was at the supermarket with my mom. She was talking to another woman she knew, and I either grabber her hand or leaned my head against her side or something--only it was the other woman, and not my mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyon View Post
    In my college years, I was walking through the halls of a multi-story complex with a recessed common area. I spotted a very attractive young woman from my old county who had just enrolled. She was sitting with some friends at a table. Each step had like a two foot rise or something crazy, architectural steps of sorts that you had to carefully tread. As I'm making my way down to say high, I tripped, fell, and rolled down one flight landing just below the table. If I recall, it was a short greeting and quick exit.
    LOL. So funny. I don't know you but you know I was trying to imagine and it's like I watched a classic comedy move. hahahaha. sorry.

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    1. Every time my mother outed me, whether for wearing diapers, wearing girls' clothes (I'm biologically male), etc.
    2. Every time I've been in a store and talked to my mother and realized I was talking to a stranger.
    3. Every time I've been caught wearing or owning girls' clothes, diapers, or both.
    4. I was nodding off in class and farted. Loudly.
    5. I once called my friend by my teacher's first name in front of said teacher.
    6. I mooned a guy from my school bus (I'm a notorious prankster) and had to hear about it from the entire school staff. Most of them laughed, some were pissed.
    7. I prank called my teacher while I was ditching, only to find out he broke the caller ID block and found out it was me.
    8. I tried to open my car and it wouldn't open. When I looked in the car, it's owner was staring back at me.
    So yeah, I have a lot of embarrassing moments. Who wants to beat me?

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    Having tasted some most unusual cake in a Dutch coffeeshop, I looked around for the toilet and saw a side-door next to a table stacked high with hundreds of metal ashtrays.

    What I didn't see was the step just in front of the table... I tripped, grabbed hold of the table to steady myself, and the ashtrays fell onto the tiled floor with a deafening clatter!

    I picked up the ashtrays and turned to the toilet door. Distracted by the fact that everyone was still staring at me... I didn't notice the other step, tripped down that, smashing open the toilet door with my head and falling head-first into the toilet bowl.

    And everyone was STILL staring at me when I came out.

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    They were probably wondering if you were OK seeing as you just face-planted into the toilet. XD

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