So, I do want to start off with saying that I am very interested in this show. I do find it very interesting and due to the fact that it gives off much inspiration for creativity and shows how friendships can evolve even from just a negative outcome. Friendships and working together is all it's about.

I very much so, find it interesting that it shows some or most ways on how construction works. It's a great way to feel inspired when watching the show and I find it a very interesting show to get into. For the past year of watching it; I have been very interested in seeing more, as I do really enjoy a the characters personalities and great humour the show brings.

Is there anyone here into this show? I barely see any discussions across the web on this show and am wondering if that it being that there are really any fans of this show.

my favorite character is Skrap-it. I really enjoy his personality, humour, and the species. The character tries so hard to fit in. He really has a hard communicating when towards maybe almost any character. He is heavily into scrap, but barely builds. He has however made sculptures of a trux he "kinda-sorta knows" x3 I feel like I kind of represent him in some of my situations.