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Thread: Aren't Pit-Bulls the most misunderstood dogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaramouche View Post
    My wife and dog were attacked when on a walk in our neighborhood. Our dog almost dies and my wife had to go to the er.

    Our pastor had a pit jump in his car and it seemed friendly. He took it home to look for its owners. The pit killed one of his chihuahuas.

    A few neighborhoods away from us a little boy knocked on a friend's door and when the door opened, the family's pit attacked and killed him for no reason.

    So, no, I don't think they're misunderstood. They are violent dogs and as our vet - yes a veterinarian - says there should be controlled breeding to avoid the proliferation of the dogs.
    Clearly people aren't treating/raising those dogs right, my current dog is 100% pit-bull and is a high energy loveable fool/baby, but violent she is not.

    Yes they can be very dangerous, but that is down to how they are treated/raised.

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    Pit-Bulls are very large, and very protective dogs. Like any dog, they can be trained to harm others. Unfortunately, Pit-Bulls are perfectly suited as attack dogs, and despite their history as loving and caring animals, there will always be people that will abuse them.

    I don't believe that they should be banned, but perhaps there should be a special license for large dog ownership. We need to ensure that these beautiful animals are trained and handled responsibly.

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    I carry pepper spray with me now when I walk my Labrador. May not work but may be enough to get away from an attack.

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    I'm sorry about what happened, Scaramouche. I got chased by a German Shepherd once and it was scary enough even though he didn't actually catch me. (My older brother hit him with a rock and he ran away.)

    But you guys know what? I treat every dog (And in fact every animal) I encounter the same way. I observe them and see how their demeanor is before I interact with them.

    They usually do give warnings, it's just people aren't used to looking for them because it might not be the normal bark and growl. Sometimes it's honestly just the way the animal is standing. If a dog is standing head turned away and down with it's eyes rolled to the side watching you, they do NOT want you to come pet them. They're doing their best to say "Hey, go away please." But a lot of people read it as "Shy" and try to make up with the dog by petting it. It's actually more likely to be "Scared" than "Shy". When they get so scared, they get to that point of "Fight or Flight", and sometimes even if they have a way to run away they'll bite in terror before they flee.

    All animals are like that. Horses, cats, heck, even my duck will do things to let me know when he doesn't want to do something (He refuses to let me love him by giving him cuddles. XD He stands and quacks at me until I go away). They can all usually read -each other- OK, it's human that have an issue with it because we don't communicate all the time like that. Although sometimes between cats and dogs there are mixed signals...a wagging tail in a dog is a good thing usually, but in a cat it's almost always bad.

    Chihuahuas and other small breeds actually do tend to bite more often than the big guys, they just don't normally do enough damage to be noticed. My chihuahuas will chomp people at the drop of a hat, but they usually don't even break the skin. It's more like a savage pinch than anything else. And NO. I don't let them get away with such things, I know they're butts and I keep them well enough away from people. They've proven their tendency for biting people on visiting family and one really pushy medical supply delivery man. Who was told to stay out on the porch while I got the dogs gathered up. He came in anyway and got the crap pinched out of his leg for it.

    The pitbull (or 'tiger dog' as I named her because she has such thick black brindle stripes) is probably the most polite dog we have hanging out here. XD She won't pull on the leash and just sits there thumping her tail when people come to visit. (Because she's totally waiting for them to pet her for being good.)

    The German Shorthair Pointer is just a crazy bird-obsessed fiend. If you don't have feathers, he's not much concerned with you. (Unless you've brought snacks. He needs snacks so he can keep staring at the birds. Pretty sure he thinks they're gonna do something evil the moment he's not watching...)

    And the Basset Hound just doesn't care about biting anything that isn't food. But you may rub his belly until your hand falls off. He'll pick the hand up and give it back to you.

    (Edit - And what I said about animal body language doesn't apply so much when you just get blindsided by a dog rushing out of hiding, but they probably WERE giving signals, too. You just can't see them doing it until it's too late and they've decided the only option on their part is to bite. And I'm also talking about normal dog interaction and not hunting behavior. That's TOTALLY different stuff. When a dog decides their going to hunt something (or someone. ), it's a different ball game. They've already decided that their going to catch it, bite it and do their best to kill it so they can eat it. That's the behavior displayed by the dog that attacked the little boy who was saved by Tara the cat.)

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    All dogs bite, that is true. But the viciousness of the bite and the relentless biting is the issue. Most dogs will bite and move on. It seems Pitts will not let up until their "prey" is dead or rendered unable to fight more.

    Some dogs give signs. But others will see an "intruder" and attack without a clue.

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    The thing is, aggressive biting/relentless attacking is NOT exclusive to the dogs referred to as 'pitbulls'. And that's more or less what people sometimes don't 'get'. My nephew has scars on his face from an Akita attack and my neighbors had seriously aggressive chow-chows. The hands down most violent dog I've ever owned was a Cocker Spaniel. She would go out of her way to get at people and even ripped open my toe once. If you came at her with a dog brush, she'd try to rip your hand off. (I got her as a pup and I really have no idea what made her so dang mean. Although her father was kept well out of the house when I went to see the pups and when I went back to get her he was trying to tear his way into the house to get at us. I wonder if it was inherited.) So it's definitely not confined to the 'bully breeds'.

    Just as an aside: You all do know there is actually no such breed as a 'pitt' or really a 'pitbull', right? It's a lumping together of a great many different breeds.

    There IS a purebred dog called the American Pit Bull Terrier, but that's the only one with the word in the name.

    They use it as a blanket term for so many breeds that it's not even worth trying to figure out if it's a 'real' APBT. If it's got a big head and muscular body, most people will say it's a 'pit bull', even if it's obviously not to people who are around different dog breeds a lot. The most common 'confused' breeds that I've seen are; not counting the APBT because it kind of actually IS a pit bull: American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff), American Bulldog, Boston Terrier (HOW?), Boxer, Bull Terrier (Spuds MacKenzie anyone?), Bullmastiff, English Bulldog (Again, HOW?), French Bulldog (Wat?) and Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Not to be confused with the Amstaff.)

    Also: I read recently headlines that said a woman was mauled to death by a pack of "wiener dogs". Once I dug into the story, there were pictures of the dogs involved. They were NOT dachshunds. They were mixed breed dogs that might have had some dachshund in there, but they looked to be roughly knee-height and around forty pounds. There were also seven of them. They only kept saying 'weiner dogs' because it was absurd enough to get people to click on the article. :P So I take all the 'pit bull' articles with a giant grain of salt until I see a picture of the dog in question.

    BTW: My grandmother believes that Rottweilers are satan's own dogs. No, she wasn't bitten by one. She watched The Omen and has believed ever since that the dogs are just pure evil. :\

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    I own three dogs right now: a Great Dane, a Louisiana Catahoula, and an American bulldog mix. I've taken them on walks before and had a guy who lives down the street ask if his kids could pet them. Mind you, these kids are from one to four years old. Knowing my dogs, I was happy to let them get pet by the kids. Children that young don't really know how to pet gently, and my dogs just stood there, and tried to lick them occasionally. We had a Great Dane (now deceased) that we got as a puppy, I used to take him in to my daughter's kindergarten class to socialize him with kids when he was young. There is a fair bit of work going in to socializing and training the animals to get them to be where we trust them like this.

    With that said, there can still be issues that dogs have that cannot be easily overcome. We got a dog once from a rescue that got out one night and was advancing on a police officer with teeth bared and growling. After being labeled a 'vicious dog' and also trying to attack a young girl, we put the dog down. It turned out that the 'rescue' was inbreeding dogs as much as they could to try and get money from different places for 'rescuing' dogs and didn't care about the consequences. The dog was seriously screwed up in the head, often as sweet as could be, but sometimes just turn vicious for no reason. We've learned our lesson about responsible ownership together with getting a dog from a reputable source.

    The biggest problem with any dog almost always comes not from the animal itself, but from those responsible for the animal. Whether it is someone who unscrupulously breeds dogs for money (and doesn't care about psychological or physical issues that come about from such irresponsible breeding) or someone who mistreats the animal, humans are usually behind the issues. My wife and I belong to a club for showing Great Danes, and when you go to a show, people are there and happy to let you pet or play with their dogs. After all, it's good socialization for them. Breeders of the dogs have a strict policy on being responsible for the animal--if you ever get to a point where you have to give up the dog, for whatever reason, it is to go back to the breeder. Not to a rescue or shelter or re-homed, but the breeder takes the animal back.

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    Pit bulls large? Maybe in comparison to chihuahuas or something, but officially they're a "medium" dog. Large is something you get when you start into St. Bernareds, Great Danes, Great Pyranees, etc...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Speaking of pit bulls and diapers:

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    "pit bulls" (used in the general sense) have a big size range, from the 30lb pocket pits up to 80-110lb, that is a LARGE dog. Even some saints don't go over 120 although that is definitely under standard but again we're talking about the average dogs on the street not show dogs.

    If it's a purebred to standard apbt in the lower to mid part of their size scale (35-65lb) then sure, medium, but very very few people are actually coming into contact with registered apbts, they're in contact with the near mutt-status pits bred in backyards, usually to be as big and muscular as possible.

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