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    I often write down my more vivid dreams on my laptop or phone and thought I'd ask for some insight in to them from another perspective and provide a forum for others to do the same. If you have a dream or insight to share, please feel free, below are a few of mine from this last month.

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    i once had a dream where i killed someone without feeling any remorse.

    then another time i had a dream where i killed myself while my father was desperately trying to stop me..

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    I once dreamed I was shot in my shoulder and jerked awake from it. (My shoulder actually DID hurt a bit)

    I thought it was pretty strange. I've also 'dreamed' that I heard someone whisper my name right beside my ear. When I jerked awake from that, there was no one there. (I was in my bedroom with a locked door, so...XD)

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