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Thread: That feeling of obtaining rare/expensive collectables

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    Default That feeling of obtaining rare/expensive collectables

    Dont you just love it? Let's say you collect trading cards and just got the rarest card of a set, there is nothing quite like it.

    I just got the Secret Rare from the Tournament Of Power set (based on the same event from the Anime), which is already at $150 on eBay, but I'm in it to collect full sets and it won't be going anywhere, I can only imagine the price it will be worth in say 5 or 10 years time (this set is limited print apparently)

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    I used to collect stamps and coins when I was a kid. Though I haven't collected for years, I still have the collections. I also have 5 dinner knives from the Hindenburg, scorch marks and all. Mine are in much better condition than the ones in the Smithsonian Museum in D. C.

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    Wow, that's cool, dogboy. O_O

    I don't collect anything too rare or expensive. Although together with my dad I collect coins. :3

    My personal collections of stuff are pretty much not important enough to be expensive. (I collect the small toys from the Yowie candies and toys in general. Although I do have a couple of really expensive teddy bears that I've found.)

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    In high school I was really big into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. As an adult the only things I collect are books, swords, and movies. I do have a few rare books and DVDs that I like to show off to my fellow fans.

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    I have an OCD when it comes to collecting, be it diapers, figures, miniatures, comics, Lightsabers, LARP Swords I find it hard to stop until I have what I consider a complete set and yet I often loose interest (except the diapers) within a few months and archive or sell off my collection.

    Nowadays when I just have to have something I try to wait a couple of weeks to see if I still “can’t live without it” before I buy it.

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    I have some rare movies that I was stoked to get. Mainly Disney, but I also have some Star Wars (my 1982 Rental VHS is the one I'm most proud of), Pink Flamingos (the 1982 VHS), and the 1978 VHS of King Kong (one of the few that still exist). I also have a Betamax VCR.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hey Ravensteel, what movies do you have?

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    I collect Mickey Mouse toys, figures, plushies. As well as any other character that I like.
    I'm not big into expensive or "collector" I just get something that I like, it could be 1$ or it could be hundreds.

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