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Thread: Is the USPS getting very conservative with delivery estimates?

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    Default Is the USPS getting very conservative with delivery estimates?

    So, on Saturday I got a delivery (DBS TCG Cards), 2 days ahead of when the tracking number initially said it would get delivered.

    Now I have another shipment coming in (Cards again), and tracking is essentially saying they expect it to take 3 days from Pittsburgh PA to my house in Upstate NY, which should only take 1 or 2 days (if it shows that it is in the nearest big city to me tomorrow morning, then I know I will probably have the shipment later that day).

    I understand being conservative like this if there were Far Spread Bad Weather Conditions, but the weather has been pretty good lately (except for the Hurricane going through the FL PanHandle).

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    I think companies tend to overestimate time of arrivals so customers don't get upset if the reverse happens, the product arriving late. I recently ordered a small stereo unit for my kitchen and it came a couple of days earlier than their spread of arrival dates. The stereo is a Denon and it's awesome.

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    USPS always quotes 2-3 days for priority mail no matter where it is coming from. If you're in the same metro area it may come the same day, most regional overnight.

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