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Thread: Psychologist ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBearCowboy View Post
    Not all psychologists are created equal. But in support of what others have shared, yes, I truly believe most psychologists are there to help those that they are counseling and not meant to be judgemental.

    The profession itself is established to help those in need, not to make fun of or embarrass anyone. So please don't be afraid.

    Perhaps if anything, the psychologist may be able to help you better understand yourself, and in so doing, help your parents understand themselves and even maybe they are the ones that need counseling.

    I can't guarantee you that everything will go as you might like, but I do believe you should not be stressed or worried over it. Times have changed significantly, and what was once was taboo has become much more acceptable and understood.

    I wish you the best and hope that all goes well with your appointment.
    I hope that I can talk to him without my parents first and explain it all to him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlight99 View Post
    DryNites96 I know what you're going through. I have a pretty good idea of who you are on the other end, so I can figure out exactly how this is affecting you. I had the same problem, and since my mother was both a doctor-shopper and a therapist-shopper, she got her wish in one that is judgmental, and needless to say it ended in disaster. My mother isn't really the judgmental type, she just likes hurting people, myself included. I now have no therapists but I still don't really have a judgment-free home, which sucks. As for your mother, I don't think she's like mine. I don't think it's that she is against you and judging you, I think that she's concerned about you being into diapers and she perceives it as a problem that you need help with. As for how you can convince her that that's not the truth, it's pretty hard. There's no good resources on being an AB/DL, since the photos and images that exist are exploitative at best and porn at worst. Also, the few reputable sites with info on this (Wikipedia is all I can think of) only has other studies on it, and some words on there have negative connotations, and other words just sound bad. Just tell her that nothing is wrong with you and that this is just who you are. She'll eventually get used to it, and she'll hopefully realize that nothing's wrong with you, that this isn't a problem, it's not something you need help with, and it's not something you can "fix". Even though she'll get used to it, there's no guarantee that she'll accept it. Naturally, diapers will take a backseat in life, and I know that because even though my friends accept it (and even take part in it), we don't really discuss it only because it's not important. If your mother can't bring herself to see you without judgment, then you may need to put some distance between the two of you. I'm not saying cut her off (that's a major last resort, if there's no hope for a relationship at all), just maybe move out, call her every day or every few days, just so that you can live without judgment. Hope that helps!
    I think you're right. I guess she thinks that she did something wrong and that I'm a DL because of it...

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    *sigh* My Mother said to me that I should make an appointment at a Psychotherapist and cancel the appointment at my Psychologist.

    Does anyone know what the difference between a Psychotherapist and a Psychologist is?

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