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Thread: Not alot of posting going on here.

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    Default Not alot of posting going on here.

    I'm new to this web site and I'm looking forward to being a regular as well. I noticed the amount of threads were kind of minimal. Is there a busier time of year where it's busier than others?

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    The Sissy/Girls Forum is one of the less used forums so there are times that there will be no new posts for a couple of days.

    I haven't notice any seasonal trend in postings here.

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    This is just the one forum that I relate most with. I will continue to look for the one I relate to next in line through.

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    Have to come up with some topics that get people going! Let's revive this dead section of the forums and get some good discussions going. What are some UNIQUE things about being a Sissy and a ABDL that we can talk about?

    Also LittleTwinkle thanks for the PM but I can't respond for a week. Don't have those privileges yet.

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    hi again sweeties. I had a Miss hap wherein one or more of my kitties helped me crack the screen on the laptop and I just got a HDMI hook-up (a 12 years old Sylvania TV) configured to get back on the Web etc. It almost drove me crazy (arguably the shortest drive in the history of driving) but I got it done.

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    Ouch that's unfortunate. Love our furry four legged friends but sometimes they can be real jerks!

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