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Thread: Virginia Congressional Candidate admits he's a pedophile

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    Default Virginia Congressional Candidate admits he's a pedophile

    Who's running against this guy? I want to know so I can send them money to keep this creep out of office. I once told myself that I wouldn't donate to elections outside my state but this is personal

    edit: I just now contacted the post asking who the other candidates were, since the article doesn't say.

    https://www.barbaracomstockforcongre.../meet-barbara/ Here's the republican incumbent.
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    A little bit of Googling says this is true from several different news sources. He ran for this seat in 2017 and only received ~ 500 votes compared to the winner who had 15,000+. It looks like their house elections are every two years, so it won't be until next year when his name appears on the ballot again. Given this news, I doubt he gets very many votes at all next time. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of investigation occurs.

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    Wow.... that guy is messed up. You definitely don't have to worry about him getting elected. He needs serious psychiatric help.

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    Uuuugh. What a nut-job. "Oh, we'll just rape every woman! EVEN THE CHILDREN! ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN!" Ew.

    I'm usually a pretty nice and peaceful person, but I swear if I saw him walking across the street, I'd ram him with my car. Then back it up and make sure I got him. XD

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    This individual clearly has some serious mental health issues. I can't imagine any human being that could be this cruel and cold-hearted.

    I find it ridiculous that he is trying to tap into the anti-establishment movement that brought Trump into office. It won't work. Most people draw a hard line when it comes to pedophilia.

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    This particular person needs involuntary commital for life in a maximum security forensic psychiatric facility.
    He also needs to be put in restraints and locked-away in a padded seclusion room.

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    That nasty dude better not win! I can believe he was actually nominated and he has some people supporting him.

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    If you're running as an independent candidate, then you're typically not subject to a nominating process.

    I thought the Republican congressional candidate in New Jersey who called diversity "a bunch of crap and unAmerican" was pretty ... well, out there. The guy in Virginia makes him look pretty tame by comparison.

    Unfortunately, the current administration's attitude toward women and people of color (and I am neither) makes folks like these seem legitimate. We were making such progress toward diversity and mutual respect during the previous administration; it's tough to see all that wiped away so quickly.

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    I was wondering about that yesterday. I find it really disturbing that suddenly we can no longer be civil towards each other. If someone is different they must be a witch and BURN THE WITCH. :P

    Donald Trump is like Voldemort...if you mention his name bad things start happening. XD You get people who were previously getting along just find lining up on opposite sides to lob insults like "Republicunts" or "Dumbocrats" at each other. And I can tell you, I permanently tune out anyone who uses terms like that in a serious conversation. That's like the adult version of the schoolyard insults "Fatty Fatty 2x4" or "Four Eyes". :P

    I'll be glad when the administration is over so people can finally stop being freakin' hate machines and maybe realize they've been being straight up assholes to each other for the past (x amount) of years.

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