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Thread: hopeless and sad :(

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    Yeah, not all girls are cute.

    Me? My teeth are weird from having them smashed as a kid. (It was an accident and the dentist did the best he could for what was left of them) So I have actually smiled at someone and had them recoil from me. I once started talking to a doctor and he said "Can't you do something about those teeth?" And I was like "I'm here for a work physical so unless you're secretly a dentist who is gonna fix 'em for free, shut up about 'em. And if I might say so, do something about the coffee stains on your own." (I use them as a sort of kooky barometer to decide if I should invest time talking to someone or not. )

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    your best friend is within you. Also the whole schtick of "glamor" is an over-rated consumerism where boys and girls alike are supposed to be desperately franticly buying all they can afford to achieve a "look" which about 5% of the population have. That makes a minority smaller than every flavor of Gay, according to the Kinsey report estimated at 10% of the population. And the vast majority of Adult Babies don't look really babyish. Butt we have fun doing it.

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    I am probably not overly qualified to comment here not being a sissy myself just an admirer of them but my two cents is that it is the exagerated feminine qualities of a sissy that are attractive more than anything. Keep your chin up there is all kinds of people in this world and there are certainly some that will see you as perfect just the way you are.

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    After wearing for 50+ years, I have trained my brain to only look at my body and the clothing, and "block out" my face/head. Honest.

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    Alexia, I know exactly how you feel. Every word you said goes through my mind every day. You are not alone. You aren't just a "classic tranny", you are much more. Even though, as you said, you covered up a lot of your appearance, for your profile picture, I think you're really really cute. Honestly, even if you weren't covering your face, I'm sure you'd still look good. You may not see all the beauty that's there, but I do. <3

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    CuddleWoozle I'm sure your teeth aren't weird, and I'd personally like to see your smile. Here's mine now yours

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    You could definitely transition.

    And don’t worry about taking medicine for the rest of your life. Lots of people are stuck taking medicine their whole lives. And while surgeries can be expensive, hormones don’t have to be. I’m on a little bit of a higher dose, and I pay under $50 a month even without insurance. Check out GoodRx. The two most trans women, at least here in the states, take are Spironolactone and Estradiol. Estradiol, the estrogen, is usually tons cheaper than Spironolactone, and once surgeries occur, you don’t need to take Spironolactone any more. I think the monthly cost of Estradiol is usually under $20. Some people transition on just Estradiol and they do just fine.

    If there are any Planned Parenthood locations around, you can see if they do “informed consent” in regards to hormone replacement therapy. That’s the fastest and easiest way to get on hormones by far for most people. But a lot of people say the “right” way to get hormones is to talk to a therapist trained in trans issues until they sign off on hormones, and then get an endocrinologist to give you hormones from there. But Planned Parenthood is fine if you know that you’re trans.

    Body hair... is what it is. And I’ve got a ton of it. But I know a lot of cis girls with the same or more than me. It might never thin as much as I want, but laser and waxing are always options. You can always shave your body hair or not.

    Facial hair, if you want it gone for good, will definitely require either laser or electrolysis. Most people prefer getting laser done first if it’s an option, because it vastly speeds things up going into electrolysis. For laser you typically want dark hair and light skin for best results, but if you don’t have that, you should still probably get a consultation done to find out for sure if it’s an option. You can find Groupons for laser hair removal all the time, but you should call and talk to the people first and see that they use either Alexandrite or ND Yag laser, as those are some of the higher quality ones, and other lasers may not give you the results that you want.

    Have you given voice training a try yet? I know that it can be a very dysphoric experience, but you won’t change it without some work. Trans girls voices rarely ever change on hormones, so almost all of us end up voice training to fix it. The Reddit “transvoice” has a lot of good tips, exercises, and videos that can help. And even if you don’t want to hear yourself, doing some of those exercises regularly for awhile can SERIOUSLY help. And some of them you can do without making any noise.

    Doubling up on the body hair again to say that a lot of women struggle, or don’t struggle, with having body hair, and shaving, waxing, laser, or whatever definitely exist. My cis girlfriend, with a ton of body hair, does nothing about it usually. Like, your body hair might be worse than the body hair on a woman who waxed every week or two, but most people have body hair worse than that.

    Things get better, but usually you have to do something about them first. I know that it’s hard, but if it’s what you want, what you need to feel happy in life, you should go through with it. Transition isn’t magic, but even people who don’t pass usually like the changes that happen. And having the right hormones will probably make you feel better too once your body adjusts to them.

    Source: Me. I’ve been transitioning for over a year, and spend almost all of my free time reading other trans people’s experiences. I have a ton of trans friends and go to my local trans group twice a month. I live with another trans person, and we invite over a third one all the time.

    If you have any questions for me, you can put them here? I can’t reply to PMs yet, so here is the best for now.

    P.S. Sorry if this is too much and it looks like I’m giving ‘medical advice’. If this is not allowed, please just delete it and let me know, rather than banning me. Thank you mods!

    P.P.S. Oh I got here late. But I hope it helps.

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