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Thread: Why are some Walmarts so much better than others?

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    Default Why are some Walmarts so much better than others?

    I mean, I just hate the one in town for anything other than Groceries, the ones in lots of other towns are bigger, have a bigger inventory, and better prices (both regular and sale prices).

    The one in town I check a lot for sales and things in the clearance aisles, but there is rarely any games/related products at a good sale price, most walmarts I can find some games at a very good price for NOS games; games from however long ago that haven't sold and are still brand new.

    I mean if it's a good game and the sale price is $10 or less, why not? I been playing DragonBall Xenoverse the last couple days as that was only $5, and also MegaMan collection 2 (7-10) for $5, and the Divine/Limbo for $7; all on PS4 , all of these go for like 3 times the price on eBay and all are very good games/values.

    Meanwhile I've seen some games 2 or 3 years old sold as "used" games for over $50 at my local Walmart, like whoever's priced the "used" games tried to get almost brand new price and if they didn't sell, they didn't care.

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    I've seen stuff like that, too. Not a video game, but a MLP toy. I was at a second hand shop and they had one of the castle playsets with $35 on it. I said "You know this whole set is still being sold brand new at Walmart for about $25? And the one pony you have with it is NOT the special exclusive that came with it. You're never going to move this thing at $10 over NEW with missing pieces. Put $10-15 on it and you'll be at a better market price."

    I think the store uses eBay to price their products. They see something like it go for that much, that's what they want. Even if it's NOT the same. (I never went back in the shop after that. Don't even know if it's still there.)

    Pretty sure it sounds like someone is doing the same thing for those used games. :P I usually never wanted to spend more that $20-30 on a game unless it's one I REALLY wanted and I know I'm going to love playing.

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    Regarding the "eBay Pricing Policy" (something my Local Pawn Shop does on Video Games), it seems the people looking up things on eBay goes by the first results they see (which are overinflated prices because the "Seller" spends extra $ on Advertising so they have to make Extra $ from the Sale), I've tried to buy a few games once by telling them they are asking unreal prices and will never sell them, and they acted like they don't care if they ever sell the games, so I left them.

    I actually always look at what things are being offered for at the Lowest, Buy It Now Price, so if I'm selling something, I know what a reasonable asking price is on eBay, and if I don't think an item is worth selling on eBay I try selling it locally online, before either keeping it, or trading it in to Game Craze (more fair than GameStop), if i have difficulty selling the Games/Controllers/Systems Locally.

    But good games below $10 i can pretty much buy, play it (even if i don't play it soon after i buy it), and not worry if I sell it afterwards, which I usually do end up doing soon if I buy a game at New or Nearly Just Released Price.

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    I've noticed the same thing, In my area (NNJ) our walmarts a crap vs the walmarts in MD or WV. Up here it seems like we get the stock that didn't sell down south (usually lesser quality items) I guess different Walmart regions have different distribution centers were they get products. I was just really surprised when I saw this visiting down south.

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    With computerised stock control, loyalty cards and analysis of previous sales in each shop, based on time of year, weather, etc... I imagine there's some clever algorithm that allows the shop staff to scan a barcode, and be told the "optimum" price to reduce it to (based on all the data).

    I've noticed that when a new product line appears in a shop, the "reduced" prices are particularly low... Maybe it's to gauge the reaction, or to tempt people to try the item...? But if the reduced stock sells out quickly, the "reduced" price shoots up next time.

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    Idk, expecting there to be some profound logic in place seems like its optimistic; I think its probably more to do with whoever the manager (and how badly they want to sell old stock that they won't sell unless the price is insanely low) is at different Walmarts than anything else

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    I'll just say that I, for one, despise that scourge of a company. They ruin our economy (go ahead and do some good research) and strangle other companies. They go as far as nearly killing their suppliers as they push for lower and lower prices, Vlassic (if I spelled that right) was, at one point making 1 per jar of pickles due to Walmart. Sam Walton would murder the current owners for what the company has morphed into...

    Sorry about the rant... I just felt the need.

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    Our Walmart gets rid of the stuff we all buy.
    Every one feels that way at our store you see they got rid of the sparkling purple grape water.
    It's sold out every day but they only ordered one case of 12 bottles a day .
    It was gone by noon.
    The computer showed they only sold 12 items that day so it's gone.
    That the flaw in there system it can't count what they would have sold. They could have sold 4 cases a day not one.
    We have run into this many times on items.
    I don't like shopping there but all we have for some items .
    They treat the employees like dirt got rid of most of the handycaped greaters in wheelchairs because they could not clean entryway by sweeping it.
    That's what the guy with the broom is for.
    At my store if you been there a long time they find a way to fire them get a a new hire lower wages.
    I boycott the weekend of Thanksgiving for making employees work that Thursday.
    It's a crappy company to work for.

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    That seems true of my local Walmart too, any time I find something I really love they discontinue it and I have to see if I can find it at a different Walmart or buy it online site to store.

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    I do tend to shop at Meijer or Aldi before Walmart, unless I have no choice in the matter. :P

    They used to be much nicer before they went 'supercenter'. There is one Walmart that I'm aware of that still has a crazy wide variety of things like they used to, but it's not in my town and that's probably because it's the only store in the area it's in.

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