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Thread: Are parents becoming more senseless/lazy?

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    I saw an article on an app that would alert parents to why their child is crying. The catch? It was invented for deaf parents. So they could KNOW that their child was crying. Apparently the pitch/length of the cries is a clue to what is wrong. IE: The baby wants changing or the baby is feeling sick or in pain.

    And so I wonder how much of this stuff that's being attributed to 'lazy parenting' is, in fact, to help out parents that are disabled? I used to work with folks like that and I can imagine looking for a wetness indicator is easier for some of them than the old "Pick the baby up and sniff/poke at their diaper" test. Considering that some of them lacked the dexterity to do something like that without dropping the wiggling infant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    One piece of rock that can be used to cut food sometimes better than a knife in my opinion. Or a piece of wood can be used or better yet the end off a tin can can be used as a knife. Of course ye ole Boy Scout comes prepared.... Other than that Yes parents have become lazy. Using tech for baby setting for child sleeping and using life apps on I phones or smartphones to run your lives. Tell ya what If I had kids now a days they would NOT be getting any tech at all, No TV nothing. They will be doing what kids did in yesteryear going outdoors and doing things that will occupy their time and minds and yes they will have chores or tasks to do all day long in the summer if they are not of working age to work in society then they will work at home. Oh and yes I will use the belt or my hand if i had to to keep the kid in line too. Parents now need instructions on how to parent seems funny how for 200 plus years parents did not need such rubbish to parent...
    Wow, I would hate to be your child. To "use the belt or my hand" doesn't make you an awesome parent, it just makes you abusive. Of course kids can have chores, but they also need time to explore, play, be a child and not a mini-worker.
    Also, do you really believe a rock is better than a knife at cutting food? What kind of knives are you using?

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    I agree on the whole 'get a tweet when your baby goes #2' like can't you smell it? Also you should change your baby roughly every 3 hours, at least that's the policy in almost every nursery in the UK. Things like a wetness indicator isn't a bad thing, just to tell the parent it might need changing. Also children are, on average, bigger than in the past, in terms of both weight and height so bigger diapers are needed. Let's not forget children with learning difficulties, they're more common nowadays too, again the need for bigger diapers is there. There are a whole load of factors, more than I've mentioned.

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    So... as a parent of three children myself that are now almost all grown adults and on their way to their own independent lives, might I share a few insights here?

    Wetness indicators - probably quite unnecessary for parents and we didn't have them when raising my kids. But I certainly can see how such technology would be helpful at a daycare where there are lots of children and it could make things easier for checking who needs to be changed.

    And as for anything that might help know if there is a number two in there...

    The ol' smell test was of course pretty reliable, but not every time it was as obvious as you might think it would be. So, without going into the intricate and sometimes humorous details of how this was determined, I can say that any technology that might spare one from having poop on their fingers is not a bad idea.

    If you think that using technology to help be a parent is being lazy, then I guess you might as well give up driving a car, as people used to get around successfully without them for all but the last 130 years or so. I guess we are all lazy because we don't just walk to the store and to work, or ride horses or the like. --which as a cowboy I would not fret about, but I don't think many here on this site would appreciate.

    Would I use all of the new technology that is out there if I was just becoming a Dad and know what I know now? My answer is that no, I wouldn't use all of it, but I wouldn't be afraid to use things that might truly make life easier if it seemed not wasteful in regards to the cost-benefit of doing so.

    If the technology helps you to better and more easily do your work, and is not cost-prohibitive, then why not use it?

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