I couldn't possibly respond to every post here, so I'll only hit the first one. I couldn't see myself with a device hooked up to me and my diaper. Imagining the sight of that now, I'd feel like I was sick or in a hospital. Not only would that make me really sad, but that would trigger a lot of shit in me (I had very bad experiences at hospitals, and I hate being reminded of them). Honestly, if I had one of those devices on me as a child, added in with my later experiences, that would've probably ruined diapers and ABDL living as a whole for me. That being said, I think that some littles would like them, but some parents would use that to make their job easier. It wouldn't be in poor taste, but they'd see it as now they can know so they can change their child faster. Obviously, there's at least one person for everything, so saying that no parent would use that to aid in their laziness would be absurd.

On the other hand, the wetness indicator is basically the older equivalent of this new technology, and I like it. Even though it doesn't really do anything when I'm alone, it could help if I had someone else there with me, whether it's a caretaker or another little. Then it goes to good use.