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Thread: The Physical Feeling of Diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seek View Post

    And speaking of pajama shorts, wearing a pajama Onesie/Kigurumi over a thick diaper is just pure bliss! Being able to relax on softness on top of more softness is one of the best things ever.
    Going to bed in a thick diaper and footie pajamas feels really good to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poofybutt View Post
    Like most on here, I wholeheartedly agree!

    The physical feel of a diaper as it hugs close to my skin and contours perfectly, the bulk between my legs as I waddle around or crawl or kick my legs, that faint little crinkle, that undeniable feeling of protection, warmth and innocence, just wearing a diaper can be pure happiness, pure joy and pure stress relief. Nothing gets me into that baby headspace and relaxes me quicker than taping up and just kicking back in a fresh, thick diaper
    An extra thing I like to do with my diaper is intentionally make sure it sticks out a little from the top of my pants, for an additional touch of babyish authenticity.

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    I'm on the autism spectrum, and one of the things I also like about wearing diapers is the pressure.

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    At least for me, wearing diapers physically feel good, even when wet and/or poopy or both wet and poopy.
    The sensations are familiar and calming to my autistic wired mind.
    No, I feel nothing sexual regarding being in diapers 24 hours a day around the clock.

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    I find the feelings of diapers to be very comforting and secure when I wear them.

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    I like the pressure of a snugly fitting diaper because it is very calming.

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    I've found that properly-fitting adult diapers are about the only thing that offer me any relief from the low-level feeling of... well, I'll just call it ''not well...'' that I feel pretty much constantly. (I don't really know how to explain ''not well.'' I guess it's the brooding sense of unhappiness and insecurity from years of emotional trauma and lack of human connection.) When I'm in a diaper, I can cuddle up and watch TV and just feel... OK for a little while. A little safer and more secure.

    I wish I could be in adult diapers all the time for the sake of my mental health. But especially now that I'm not working again, it's just not financially possible. I know some people would recommend I invest in cloth, but... cloth is just not a ''diaper'' to me. I don't want to go around in a pee-soaked piece of fabric, and the extra work in caring for them is a turn-off.

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    Yes, a nappy gives you a permenant 'hug' that follows you around. Disposables feel great both against the body and to the touch, and make cute little crinkly sounds too. But I would be hard put to separate the pleasures that are purely sensory, from all the other benefits and delights of wearing a nappy. For me the main attraction is their function - I like having my own personal wearable toilet that I can use whenever I like. But that brings with it a second sensory experience; not only does the nappy itself feel great, but you get a whole extra layer of sensations when you use it, especially for solid waste. It's the interweaving of these physical sensations with the practical convenience and the comfort and reassurance that makes nappies so unique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChooChoo69 View Post
    There is nothing like the feeling of being diapered in a thick, soft absorbent cloth diaper.
    Hear hear... What ChooChoo said... With plastic panties over it

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    I feel a calming effect is i pull my per taped diaper up. It takes the stress away from the day i had. I wait for the first time i wet it to move me even farther away from every thing. My stress it a lot less today for the fact that i just paid my house off. Now i can relax and enjoy life a little more.

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    Best feeling ever when itís all swelled up. Or the padding between your legs. Totally different feeling as cloth backed and plastic backed.

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