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Thread: The US Court/Jail Systems

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    Default The US Court/Jail Systems

    Dont you hate how the court/jail systems in the United States are so inefficient?

    Court cases can drag on for literally years before a verdict gets reached on one case, all the while Public Attorneys represent the person on trial for free (because taxes pays for them); and when the trial finishes and they get sentenced, if the sentence is jail time it is very costly, if they get sentenced to death it is costly (the company making the lethal injection even raises the price a lot); and typically they can sit on death row for years or even decades before they actually get put to death.

    I wish they would restructure it, throw out the huge emphasis on being "humane" in regards to violent criminals (they probably weren'tgiving much consideration to who they victimized), and focus more on finishing court and punishment with more speed and more effective punishments (so people wouldn't want to go back in jail, as is some people see it as an easy life, they get housing, and 3 meals a day and they dont pay their bills).

    They should just drop any sort of stalling tactics, bring forth your evidence, find the defendant guilty or not, do the sentence (if found guilty), and then carry it out, no appeals every year or two to keep stalling your fate.

    I mean I know sometimes they have the wrong person, in which case if there is any doubt dont fo a death penalty, keep them in jail for their sentence and hopefully one day the innocent man gets freed and the guilty man goes to jail, but otherwise it shouldn't be such a long and drawn out thing.

    I think this is part of why the Government cant stick to a budget (they always spend 2x what they actually have, hence hence the huge national debt)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    I think this is part of why the Government cant stick to a budget (they always spend 2x what they actually have, hence hence the huge national debt)
    You should do some research on the total Federal budget, and the cost of the judicial branch. (Hint: the first number is MUCH bigger than the second)

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    Itís a painfully slow system, but thatís mainly due to taking into account citizenís constitional rights.

    In regards to the death penalty, Iím not sure I agree with any government having the authority to kill one of its citizens.

    But if they are to do it, you would think it would be easier to just massively dose someone with opiates.

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    Having been involved in the system on both sides and in a jury. I agree.

    However, the issue is more a long the lines of politics (where my beef is).

    1) district attorney need to do there "JOBS" and not just one subject for re elections.

    2) Investigation need to be done to collect facts and not guilty until proven innocent.

    3) IMO the justice system needs to be done in a three tiered system
    a) first time is because your stupid
    b) second time is because your dumb and don't get it
    c) third time you are an animal and not fit to be in society

    IN my case I was an A and learned that there is way to deal with stuff and your parents ways are not right.

    The other aspect was that Domestic issues buy more votes then Federal crimes so that was the DA platform. Oh did I mention that he was up for reelection 6 months after I was convicted.

    I was on a jury that the chief investigator did not look into things. He just saw a trend and then went about crucifying the defendant. The evidence did finally convict her, but the job was so slip showed that it took a lot of time to straighten the facts out.

    I will not even go into the OJ trial. That came down to crappy prosecution and even worse police investigation.

    I have a relative that had a public defender and he did nothing. The relative is an idiot that deserved to be in jail for the crap he did, but in this one case he was innocent.
    I did not qualify for public defender and the amount they want UP FRONT is unobtainable. I did get a good lawyer. However I took responsibility for my actions and did get a plea bargain, but the Jail time for the circumstances was strictly Campaigning (and thus a waste of a jail bed)

    So again I agree that the system needs fixing, but a few points do not defend the stupid from the animals.

    The other thing is defendants need to take responsibility for their actions and not attempt to get away with something.

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    I don't think Americans are capable of fixing such a complex problem. We should probably relax and just be content with complaining about things, at least until we figure out a way to settle issues.

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