So I got to see Kevin Smith live last night in Knoxville Tennessee . Kevin Smith was amazing all around. He told some awesome stories. I don't think I've ever laughed for 2 hours straight before.

He visited Pigeon Forge here in Tn earlier that day so he talked about that in great detail. For anyone that doesn't know Pigeon Forge is kind of this sleazy tourist attraction near the Smoky Mountains. He loved it there lol. It was hysterical hearing him talk about exploring Pigeon Forge.

He went into great detail about his heart attack and even made that hysterical. He also talked about his career and his life in general. Plus he joked about making good movies again instead of films like Tusk and yoga Hoser. He also talked about the Jay and Silent Bob movie he's making so that's pretty kool.

Overall it was an awesome night! Anyone who is a Kevin Smith fan should definitely get the opportunity to hear and live.