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Thread: The "chicken or the egg" problem for AB/DLs

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    I think Drifter catched the point. This is implemented in very young years (as any other fetish to). It went mostly the way as NewerKnow wrote: A early/first sexual experience that is matched with the "wrong" item. For me it was my first orgasm that I had after wetting the bed accidentally. I associated the wet pant with this feeling - and of cause - started to reproduce it :-). Diapers came later they where a compromise to hide my pleasure game from my parents - who were wondering about the peed pants. My first "diapers" were self-made from kitchen towels and plastic bags. So at this time I did'd know anything about ABDL.

    I thing what can happen later is some kind of sublimation - and here media may have an influence. I think also you have also to differ between kink and fetish. Kinks are some how different here. There might also a big difference between DL only and AB / ABDL's. While DL's have from my point of view have a clear fetish this might be different for AB's - at last if the sexual stimulation is not the main target.

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    Bitter Gray has shown that it is love mapping and happens at a very early age.

    In my case I was well into ABDL before I ever saw anything about it. As I remember the first time I heard or saw anything about it was a tabloid in 1988.

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    I'm an egg'er - From the time I was potty trained I have been on a quest to get diaper back, I succeeded when I was around 9 or 10 after many attempts and disappointments. Surprising my 1st orgasm was not diaper related, it was over my first crush when I was 14 or 15.
    I do vividly remember trying to steal diapers from age 3 to at least age 6, then from age 6 or 7 until age 9 or 10 every time I saw a mommy with a baby I would feel jealous and want to be that baby being cared for.
    At age 9 or 10 our family moved into a new neighborhood, or next door neighbor had a toddler, I was at there house once and they had a stack of pampers on the toilet in a basket, I took one and figured this was the time to try, from that point forward I was hooked.
    I say I'm the from the egg path because I had very little influence by other outside things, internet was really around yet (when I was age 10 is was 1995) yes cartoons that showed regression peaked my interest but I already had those feelings. If anything when our family finally got internet access and I actually discovered there were others out there who shared the same sentiments as myself, it was a relief to me, as we all know, this can be a difficult & lonely lifestyle / fetish.

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    My interest first popped up when i was very young before the internet was a thing, but I didn't return to it until later and yes looking at media helped get me the courage to try it.

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