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    With the money I am saving from my job I would like to take a trip. I've never been on a plane and my dream is to swim in the ocean. I'm sort of hoping that perhaps next year, I might be able to spend a few days at Disney World. My parents aren't interested (and someone has to take care of the animals) so it looks like I'll be travelling solo.

    I want to stay at the park and thus take advantage of the provided transportation from the airport. But with me not driving I'm not sure about getting from Orlando to the ocean.

    I also don't want to visit when it's really hot and really crowded, but I want it to be warm enough to swim.

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    Eh that's tough. I can tell you from experience the best time to go to Disney or any of the theme parks is during fall. Not only is it not overly hot but there is almost no wait for the rides. Now I grew up near the coast so I can also tell you during that time of year the water will be freezing.

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    Yeah, it'll be a trade-off. Either swim in the ocean or not have a massive crowd at Disney.

    We went to Disney World in February, and being from the "Cold North", we found it plenty hot enough to swim in the pool at the hotel. But the ocean is a different ball-game because of the currents.

    I really want to go back to Disney World, preferably sometime in October because the bad guys take over the park on Halloween. :3

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    What about say... late September? I imagine crowds would be lighter with kids back in school. How is the ocean then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaWolfNagihiko View Post
    What about say... late September? I imagine crowds would be lighter with kids back in school. How is the ocean then?
    Just had a quick google for you, and it looks like sea temperatures of about 27C (80F), which is roughly swimming-pool temperature... maybe a bit cooler. But the air temperature will be peaking at around 32C, which will feel pretty hot, so probably a great way to cool off!

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    My family and I always went in November, but that’s teacher inservice time in NJ (a week of no school) so almost every family had the same idea ������. It was PLENTY hot out for swimming in November. But crowds galore. I’d avoid any special event like the Halloween party, the Christmas event, obviously if you’re trying to avoid crowds.

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