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Thread: Shaved, Natural, or trimmed

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    Shaved so he'll always look clean and fresh.

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    I definitely prefer some hair. I like hair up top (mons pubis area) and shaved at the bottom or just all natural. I like completely shaved the least but I don't mind it.

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    I keep it trimmed. Now that I'm regressing as much as I have been lately, if I ever found a CG I'd be open to letting them shave me.

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    Regularly trimmed, shaved when I have the time or ambition. I prefer it shaved/clean; it just feels better. I agree with others who said the itching was a problem at first; I find that the more I shave, the less problem I have with itching.

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    I've never shaved down there, though I've shaved every other part of my body before (for swimming). I have never minded natural. If I were wearing diapers frequently enough that it smelled, I'd either take a break or trim it, I think.

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    I'm natural. I have been shaved twice for hernia surgery and it was scratchy. I didn't like it and was not inclined to do it again.

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