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Thread: What kind of Foods do you like the most?

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyon View Post
    I forgot about cornbread. Yum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    British cookery, mostly, but with world being how it is, one of my favourite meals is Spam, beans and mash (grilled Spam, Heinz beans and mashed potatoes).
    Most of the rest is pies, pasties and butties.
    Tater-hash is also a biggy with me ( not the posh stuff, just with corned beef) which I enjoy making a butty out of with salad cream on).
    The tater-hash butty sounds really good.

    I like cheese and pickle toasties and corned beef and pickle toasties. The only problem is how hot the pickle gets.

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    I actually really enjoy just trying new foods. I like that so many people like a Food I’ve never had. I dive in and try it! Sometimes it is a wonderful experience and sometimes I would rather not have seconds.
    Also, banana recipe.

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    What are they? Whatever food I want to eat at the time.

    But for serious, my favorite thing in the whole world is French Fries. I can judge the quality of a restaurant based on their french fries. LOL

    If I refuse French Fries I am usually extremely sick (or so entirely full of other French Fries that if I cram in any more I will explode.)

    I actually have a T-shirt that says Fries before Guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyon View Post
    Ohhh, cornbread! I was travelling round the southern US states many years ago, and discovered cornbread for the first time. We were eating in diners every night, and cornbread was everywhere! I don't think we even ordered it, it just appeared! But OMFG it was so delicious!

    I was pescetarian for 10 years as I just couldn't give up fish! Lightly fry any fish in olive oil, butter and salt and it will be amazing! Sushi is great too (I love a California roll!).

    In the ten years I didn't eat meat, almost everyone said, "Oh, you must miss bacon," but what brought me back to eating meat was a huge slab of rare steak. Ohh... It was amazing. I could feel my body thanking me for the nutrients. What's so incredible about bacon?!

    Then again... bacon is great in pasta dishes... along with pine nuts, basil, spinach, tomatoes, onions, cheese... Mmmm... Dammit -- now I'm hungry!

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    All of the good raised farm food I grew up with in the 40's-50's. Beef, pork, chicken and anything raised in the garden.
    Home made bread and rolls along with cornbread. I've ate a lot of other foods in my lifetime but I go back to the foods
    I was raised on.

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    I love Italian and a few Japanese like ramen and tempura. I also love the Caucasian cuisines.

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