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Thread: Tykables got a TV enterivew

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    Default Tykables got a TV enterivew

    Interview by Man of the People:

    I was kinda hoping to see the interviewer trying a diaper in the last 20 seconds of the spot

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    OMG yes, this is hilarious! So glad Todd did this.

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    Todd is a very good sport judging by this video. I like how the pizza guy says “what am I walking into?”
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    Yeah, this was pretty funny and the reactions from the undiapered muggles...

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    Well, this was worth the price of admission. I loved it.

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    The banging on the high chair and yelling "MOAR!" was what gave me the giggles. XD

    And I kinda wanna ride on the dinosaur. <3

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    I am pleased to see how these products are being marketed by Millennials. I can see someone in their mid 20's preferring a product like Tykables over KC's offerings. Depend is really for old folks.

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    Glad the interview wasn't mocking in nature as much as it was jovial, Todd always repping us well

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    Wow, the store has changed a lot since I was there nine months ago. Also, great video, though I was saddened that he didn't do the obvious joke about the new tax laws could be a load of whatever is put in that diaper.

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