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Thread: Just brought my first proper ABDL diapers

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    Talking Just brought my first proper ABDL diapers

    i just placed an order for some Medium sized Crinklz. They should be here on Friday. Im so excited to have some proper adult diapers rather than drynites or cheap medical style diapers.

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    Those are a great first ABDL diaper to order, I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

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    I just got some myself and LOVE THEM! Also my first abdl diapers. I'm so happy with them! Even happier that my wife is letting me have them!!

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    I got some a few months back. You wont be disappointed. Easily became one of my favorites.

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    The premium ABDL diapers perform better than any medical brand. That’s the main reason I use them, but the babyish print is a nice bonus.

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    I know the feeling! I just but my first legit ABDL diapers, too. Mine are Rearz Seduction.

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