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Thread: A nervous but exciting day...

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    Default A nervous but exciting day...

    So I've had some Bambino UltraStretch diapers. I'm wearing one, today, with slightly tighter pants than I thought. So, there's that chance someone might suspect something. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to force my DL on others. But that risk of finding out is a bit of a turn on, for me. Hope everyone else's day is as fun

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    sounds like it might be an interesting day. haha no pun intended.

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    Your first few weeks wearing to work/school can be a bit intense, but you'll start getting used to it. And I for one love having gotten used to always having a diaper on

    More and more you'll find yourself totally forgetting you're diapered, until something will happen that reminds you, and that'll give you a little mental boost. Those really help me keep my day positive, when every now and then my diaper gives me a reason to smile and think to myself how pleased I am to be wearing a diaper.

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