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    Default Hello Im new :)

    Hi there I have been a lurker for a while and thought I would introduce myself

    Firstly about me, I am here as I am incontinent and have been since I was a child (urinary very severe and bowl issues which are milder). I’m mainly here for advice and support, I use vary different types of brief/diaper too deal with it and quite frankly it’s the norm as I have been this way for 30 odd years so I don’t get a lot of choice in the matter! If anyone is interested I had/have a very serious issue with nerves due to a rare illness I had as a child (was in hospital for about 6 months) it also affected other things as well but I won’t go into too much detail. I wouldn’t class myself as too much of a DL as i have no choice in the matter but I’m also interested into what people use etc, I have no interest in the AB side what’s so ever but of course I have nothing against it, whatever floats yer boat!

    Work : I drive a truck for my job, which can be long hours. I enjoy it most of the time well and is not a bad gig when you have certain problems! I am also a qualified car technician

    Hobbies : I am a reasonably decent mountain bike racer/rider and I love the great outdoors, I race all over the uk and sometime internationally (I mainly got into it because I was told once I wouldn’t be able too!) I also have a wife and a couple of kids.
    I’m also a massive van nerd and have a VW T5 which I spend countless hours turning into a semi camper/day van.

    Anyway I’m sure this isn’t your typical user but I feel like I can contribute a fair amount too help people!


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    Hello and welcome! I'm new also! Hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have thus far!

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    Hi and welcome as well. We have several cyclists on this site including myself. For me, it's a good form of recreation and way to relax my mind. I think you will get a lot of information on the various brands of diapers as that's sort of all our thing.

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