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Thread: Have you ever had this problem?

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    Default Have you ever had this problem?

    I have samples of three great diapers yet I find myself reluctant to use them. I feel that they will be better and it will reinforce that my current diapers are not so great.

    There is also something special about having really good diapers in your stash--like having something extra for a special day or a really long road trip.

    Plus they're getting plenty of time to really relax on the shelf.

    I still need to get more averages to dial down my actual daily cost so I can compare them to these diapers' performance . (My wife also insisted that I was going through diapers faster but I don't believe I have been doing so-but am I subconsciously throwing a bias into the mix?)

    But I need to have actual numbers to present my case to get inept more of these diapers on the regular--especially when money is tight. I know I should have worked this out ages ago--that's my fault.

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    I have and do the same thing as you. I currently have two premium diaper samples that I have had for months. In the mean time I have used my game to Crinkls and love them. But I still keep the samples. I have learned to choose cheap, moderate, and expensive diapers depending on my time available to wear. Not one goes to waste

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    ive done this once. when i ordered from wearing clouds i got 5 different ones so i could also try the crinklz but i didnt want to wear any of them because then they would be gone. should have gotten two of each.

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    I used to avoid using the last of any one kind of diaper but this led to me having a bunch of odds and ends. Maybe it would be good if I was running a museum but it's not that important. I still keep a few old or unusual ones but I try not to cling to them anymore.

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    I do the same. Like mentioned above, I keep different categories of diapers. I have Goodnites that I use just for discreet wearing, and low, medium, and high capacity diapers for actual use. I tend to not want to use the medium and high capacity ones because they average more costly per diaper and I like having more of them around. The diaper I use depends on what I am seeking to use it for. Sometime I like to indulge. One time I did get modified Northshore's that had modern Pampers and Huggies prints on them that I paid a premium for, but I couldn't keep myself from wearing them, and they went quickly.

    As far as the cost aspect of them goes. Ideally, I'd like to just get down to one brand of diaper and Goodnites. The Goodnites I don't worry about because they are a lower cost and I can re-use them. Having a variety of 5 brands of diapers can get costly, but at this point, I think the system works for me.

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    The lower shelf in my cabinet is lined with about 2 of each premium diaper that I don't wear regularly. A few of them are the last two of that model I have on-hand. But it's always nice to have options. On rare occasion I open my cab and think to myself "y'know what, I feel like wearing an original crinklz" etc, and gab one. It' good to have treats ready

    Although I really need to learn to let go of models I don't care as much for, a lot of diapers I hang onto at least one or two bags of "just in case". I'm a bit of a packrat though, and I'm fortunate enough to have the available space.

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    Well I broke down and tried one of the NorthShore Supremes. I like how much better it fits my caboose. It likely had more usage left but I had my morning pop so sadly I had to cut things sorry.

    I may try out the Comfidry since I have my nap after dropping threaded off at her work. But it will be hard to use my last ones up. I do have a couple BetterDry l have lined up as well that I may use on an upcoming road trip. (Well one of them at least.)

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