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Thread: My take on Always discreet pull ups (underwear, pull ons)

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    Post My take on Always discreet pull ups (underwear, pull ons)

    I've recently bought the Always discreet pull ups, and I've got to say they're impressive. This will be my take on these diapers. I recently typed out this post, but accidentally deleted everyhing so I'm going to make it a bit shorter than before. Ask me if you want me to elaborate on anything.

    Let's talk about look / feel:

    I got the plain white ones so it's not super stylish, but not bad either. It's got a purple bow on the front to indicate where the front is. These look a small bit like the granny panties you see with most adult pull ups, but they are way softer and theres something else about them that make them seem more like goodnites or something. It's hard to say. They are super soft and really comfortable to wear. I'm a 36, so I bought the Small / Medium size, and they work out fine. I'm towards the end of that sizing scale, but it fits great. The elastics around the legs however are a little bit restrictive, but it's not bad at all. Imagine wearing jeans compared to basketball shorts. Also about the fit, they stay up super well even when full. These are super thin pull ups, and I was a bit worried about that when I first saw it.


    I was surprised of how much these can hold considering how thin it is. On this forum I've seen as many as 1/2 wettings to 4 wettings in this diaper. I had one good wetting to start out with, then a bunch of smaller ones after. They swell up a lot when wet, making the size of it much larger than before. I only started leaking after a while of those smaller wettings. Do not try to flood these because that might cause leaking earlier. Smaller amounts at a time will do the best to get the most out of them. Once the back part of the padding gets wet is when that might happen. These do have standing leak guards, however once you wet them enough the diaper swells up to be about the same height as them anyways. The padding at the very back didn't get wet all that much. Once it is full, the diaper might feel damp and have minor leaking because it is cloth backed. Overall, I was super impressed with them.

    Other important notes.

    They're super cheap. I got 32 of them off of amazon for $18. That's mighty impressive! They do have a slight scent to them and that causes for some really great odor prevention. As a guy these are ones to "point down", but the padding does come up a decent way. As for them being discreet, they probably are. They are much noisier than I expected. Always having a crinkle to them, however under underwear might help prevent that. They're also super thin so if you can dampen the noise, they'll be unnoticable... until you wet them a good amount. As I said before they swell up like crazy so if you're wearing tigher fitting pants, then it might be tougher to hide. I don't wear in public, so that won't be an issue for me.

    So to conclude, these are surprisingly good pull ups for the price.

    If you need me to elaborate on any of this, please ask. Thanks for reading!

    (Btw, since always is a brand that has some pull ups, we should be able to make it a tag??)

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    I also use these (occasionally) and I agree with your review.

    However, I do tend to use them with underwear and pants that are a bit tighter than I normally do for diapers to help prevent leaks.

    These will never replace a premium diaper (nor are they meant too) but I find that they do have there place in my rotation of diapers, pull-ups and underwear.

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    Glad I'm not the only one who just sort of feels the similarity between these and GoodNites; these have actually replaced GoodNites as my go-to pull-up of choice when I want to wear.

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