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Thread: Drinks,Beer and diapers

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    I enjoy a few good beers once in a while but not to purposely wet my padding. Although it does just sorta happen, as with any drink. I personally enjoy a good hoppy IPA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBearCowboy View Post
    It is no secret that alcohol certainly has an effect upon many people that causes them to wet or urinate both in a semi-conscious state and while asleep.

    Yes, this teddy cowboy has indulged in beer on occasions and I admit, the effect is such as to unconsciously wet my self during sleep or making it easier just to pee and use a diaper while doing other things is something that is enjoyable. For many ABDLs, the desire to feel incontinent is pretty powerful, and beer or alcohol is something that can give a temporary fix.

    But the bigger truth is that it is not really a fix, and the long term consequences are not worth the short term pleasure that comes about because of it.

    The dangers of addiction and the health consequences of excess drinking are real.

    Despite the feelings of loss of control and waking up in a wet diaper not recalling when you wet or intentionally doing so, it is in reality not worth the very real dangers associated with it. It is a false sense of being.

    And I am not sharing this from some warning label on your bottle of Budweiser, but rather from sad personal experience. It isn't something to toy around with. (I'm talking drinking in excess)

    There are better ways to relax and enjoy wearing diapers. Don't make the experience artificial.
    I totally agree once in awhile kind of thing is fine but when you go over bord like one of my friends, it's just a dangerous combo. Also it depends on the person, some people have addictive personallys and some can do it once in a while. Like cigarettes I been smoking since 18 but I have a friend that smoke one month then give it up for a year

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    Hi, are used to do this all the time also. Now because of expense and health, I only drink beer like once a month. I make this beer count though because I live in one of the best cities in the East Coast for microbrews so Iím talking about four cans of 16 ounces each, with a decent alcohol percentage. I also drink good coffee every day so no matter what situation Iím in or what Ive had to drink I always end up wet at the end of the day or by the morning time luckily for me Iím always wearing some really thick diapers because they are what I wear all the time, like abena m4 or dry 24/7 and very occasionally a rearz safari.

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    I like my water during the day, and drink lots of it, hence I end up wetting my night time diaper 3-4 times during the night. I don't wear every day, but do when I get the chance. I usually will go by my local hangout for a few beers from time to time. Love it when I stop by and happen to be wearing that day. Be hanging and visiting with friends and wetting while chatting. Feels so taboo to be wetting while chatting. I just love it when I do tho, and love the feel of my diaper getting full and saggy.
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    No wet on purpose If I drink alcohol. Last time when I wore diapers with alcohol in picture was menagement party in house of one of menagers.
    Heavy eating and even more heavier drinking. I tried to control a intake because I am not really a drinker. But alcohol lowers my resistance for wet. Not really good to wet bed in somebody else house.
    Because house is big and spacious, I had my room for a night, 2 manager ladies had their room, 1 had separate room. I wore underware over diaper if somebody accidently come in my room and find me uncovered. Diaper on this ocasion was
    Tena Ultima.

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    One of my favorite things to do is diaper up and drink beer while playing video games! I like to hydrate a ton and really take full advantage of the diaper capacity. It's fun to just let go...

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