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Thread: Is anything really gonna improve with Trump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiBabyjenni View Post
    The sad truth is that big business owners Trump included only care about making money. Trump himself is guilty of not paying workers he's employed.
    And if a company can make $5 more dollars off a product made in China than the same product made in the USA they will buy from China. It all comes down to corporate greed. Sure businesses could easily take a small cut in profits to pay their employees better wages, but they won't cause the employee is expendable, and why waste money on an expendable when you can keep it for yourself.
    The company I work for thinks this way, I haven't even had a raise since 2016, and the reason they don't make more money is because of their inefficiency.

    And when it comes to this trade war thing, the only way it can improve our economy would be for it to stay in place, so eventually those big businesses would either not sell in our country, or they would have to accept that they will have to pay a big tax for the exportation of their products into the US, which will probably make the product more expensive in the US; but the economy cannot improve by itself, and eventually prices of foreign products would settle down.

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    I believe there will be some improvements. Let's try to support him first with this plan and let's blame later, lol

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    No... no Trump will not improve anything. We can only hope that the next president can fix Trump's many mistakes in their term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensteel View Post
    No... no Trump will not improve anything. We can only hope that the next president can fix Trump's many mistakes in their term.
    You mean Assuming we dont get Trump again?

    For a while his approval rating kept getting lower, thanks to the constant media barrage, anything he has done in the past is subject to get dug up and exposed all over the news because the media is controlled by the Anti-Trump people, and no doubt they are faking something about him, he is probably guilty of something, but whether or not is something that actually matters (something related to his presidency), who knows?

    It seems his approval rating has reached an all time high, probably because it looks like he is trying to do some of the stuff he said he would.

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    Trump aside, I think the scariest thing is that pence could be worse than trump, and for all any of us know, that could continue down the line of succession. Granted, that's just speculation, but it seems concerningly plausable to me at least.

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    I love the job field. I have more work than I can handle. Plus I have more money in the pay check. Not to mention the attempt to curb baby killings by PP.

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    Oh boooooy. Yeah, I ain't touchin' that amount of crazy. O_O


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    Honestly, the OP is asking a loaded question. Asking whether things will improve insinuates that nothing he has done has been objectively beneficial. This is not meant to be accusatory towards the OP, just something that I noticed.

    Donald Trump plays himself off as a conservative, but truthfully he is a Fiscal Liberal, and quite the Social Conservative. He attempts to justify massive spending and government growth (which is quite contrary to conservatism) while advocating for a regressive society that any Southern Baptist Preacher would smile at. The unfortunate result of this is Isolationism and alienation from the developed nations, as well abetting a transition to Right-Wing Totalitarianism.

    What this country needs is a continued growth in Social Liberalism, and a renewed respect for fiscal responsibility. We cannot push society backwards, just as we cannot spend money that we don't have.

    Donald Trump is a perfect representation of what is wrong with this country. He is pushing social evolution backwards, and instituting a powerful government that can act without the consent of the governed.

    Hillary was just as bad, except she misconstrued social progress as political currency, and she alienated a lot of Americans by exchanging it excessively.

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    I gave an honest answer to the topic. All I see here is venom and jade blinding many here to what is happening. I can say one thing that has happened Trump's election has done one thing. The servents of evil are being exposed for the purification to come.

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    Well, I am trying to be neutral, but I am at least hopeful In that Trump is trying to improve things, and sure things may have improved already (I don't watch the news, because it's a lot of the same stuff repeated daily) but theres still so much that needs to be done

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