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Thread: Is anything really gonna improve with Trump?

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    I'm shocked this conversation about voting fraud continues, after I posted this. Not a single comment. Crickets. The silence tells me much about those that make false claims, and then fail to search out the truth.

    Not a single comment...

    Voter fraud 101, explained by the perpetrators...

    - - - Updated - - -

    The democrat party has sole ownership of slavery, segregation, lynching, Jim Crow laws, fugitive slave laws, the Trail of Tears and the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

    California gives driver's licenses to illegals and automatically registers them to vote. They are supposed to "opt out" voluntarily--yes it's an honor system for people who already broke the law and with an incentive to promote further lawlessness. Fake IDs are easily available and ,no, the one-party rulers in California don't do anything about that either. (Those who haven't spent the intervening years doing the "wake and bake" may recall that the key plotters in the 9/11 mass murder bought their fake IDs in the parking lot of the Virginia DMV.) In California that's known as the Department of Mexican Voting.

    The biggest way Democrats rig the elections is importing more Democrats complements of the last two comprehensive immigration bills in '65 and '86. The GOP establishment turns a blind eye enticed by the cheap labor.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Obama's famous last words...

    "...if he gets the most votes, it would be my expectation of Hillary Clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to ensure that the American people benefit from an effective government. And it would be my job to welcome Mr. Trump, regardless of what he has said about me, or my differences with him, and escort him over to the Capitol at which there would be a peaceful transfer of power. That is what Americans do. That is why America is already great. One way to make it less great, is if you start betraying those basic American traditions that have been bipartisan and have helped to hold together this democracy now for well over two centuries."

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    Good Evening...
    I am only just sitting back and "listening" to this conversation.
    Interesting, to say the least.

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    This is part of the voter's rights advocacy fight... If you don't ever vote, many states could & should purge you from the voter's rolls, UNLESS you register again. People move, people die, etc. Nefarious characters find a way to use those people no longer using their voting privilege, and vote for them. Purging the rolls gets rid of dead registrants, people that have moved, etc. Makes perfect sense to me.
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    Well, Kim Jong Un and Trump just signed comprehensive documents for the "Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" Which, I'd say, is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddyShadows View Post
    Well, Kim Jong Un and Trump just signed comprehensive documents for the "Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" Which, I'd say, is a good thing.
    "I'm sorry, I'm afraid we're going to have to attribute this RNK success to Obama, since Dennis Rodman FIRST went over to RNK during the Obama administration. There's no proof Trump had anything to do with this...". (If you want the mainstream media slant on this)

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    I didn't even read all of the replies (at the time I'm typing this, the number is 125), so I'm just gonna speak my piece and run. I knew all of the problems with Trump were going to happen, but I never imagines that it would get this bad. He has burned every bridge with other countries, reintroduced hate and bigotry when it was pretty close to being gone altogether, and completely disregarded the words "all men are created equal". Chances are that he's never read either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, as he wipes his ass with them on a daily basis. By his beliefs, the only people who can speak freely are him and those who share his beliefs. He had the nerve to condemn hate on many side/on both sides (depending on what speech he was giving) after the Charlottesville protest that ended in a car attack, even going so far as to call out the liberal counter-protestors, but he never mentioned the alt-right groups who started that rally. Ultimately, the blame for the ataack is on the guy in the car. However, the alt-right groups' hate was directed at any person who wasn't a white Christian, while the counter-protestors' hate was directed at hate itself. He also has the nerve to discuss mass shootings as mental health issues and not gun issues, and he discusses them without using the words "gun" or "shooting", and he shut down the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting right to their face. Trump also had the nerve to launch an all-out assault on Muslims, when Islam has done nothing wrong to him or anyone else, and he took the actions of a few radicals as a representation of a whole group. (By my own estimates, there may be a few hundred thousand radicals in the Muslim religion, when the entire religion consists of over a billion people worldwide.) He also called several African countries out as "shithole countries", when (once again) people of African descent did nothing wrong to him. (Ultimately, if you look back through history, not only was the human race born in Africa, but there really is no such thing as race, as people's skin color, skull shape, and other physical features unique to someone's area of descent, are only adaptations that they made to better survive in their environment.) He also treats women like they're pieces of meat, which is beyond disgusting. The worst one is his own daughter Ivanka, and he's been known to call her "a nice piece of ass," and he once even said "She's beautiful, just think what could happen if I wasn't married and she wasn't my daughter..." I couldn't even imagine thinking of my children like that. Of course I'd think they were beautiful, but not because I was attracted to them, but because they were my children and I loved them. Ultimately, the only people he hasn't pissed off are Jewish people, Russia, China, and (surprisingly) North Korea, and it all comes back to the election. He can't blame that on the Democrats (like he does with every problem that comes his way). It has been proven that Russia screwed with the election, the only question is whether Trump had anything to do with it. If he pisses off Jared Kushner and the Jewish people, Kushner squeals. If he pisses off Russia, China, or North Korea, Russia squeals. They can't punish Russia; they'll just empty out their people and run. And if Trump finally loses his shit with North Korea, China will respond, and if Trump does something to China, Russia will respond. Had he not owed loyalty to Russia, Russia, China, and North Korea would be nothing but a radioactive wasteland, courtesy of Trump. He isn't even a president to the entire country, not by my definition but by his. Basically, he is a president to racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, ultra-conservative, ultra-rich, natural-born, Christian men, just like him. If you fit that bill, he's all for you, and the further you get from that description, the more hate he bestows upon you. As a person who lets women have a role of power (which he hates), a person who has no merit system based on race, religion, gender or gender identity (which he hates), a member of the LGBT community (which he hates), a liberal (which he hates), a person who lives below the poverty line (which he hates), and an non-believer (which he hates), I can safely say that our president does not have my best interest in mind, and even though most people don't fit into all of the categories that I do, just being in one of those categories earns his hate. If a president has the ability to hate, they shouldn't be the president. Also, if your president says things that you can't repeat in school, they probably shouldn't be your president. Being that he's currently only being a president to some of us, he could do America a favor and be a president to none of us.

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    And you didn't even mention those cabinet positions filled by people who's only qualification was sycophancy.

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    All I will say, is that this nation is now a mess, and do not blame Barak Obama for making the mess since January 20, 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    All I will say, is that this nation is now a mess, and do not blame Barak Obama for making the mess since January 20, 2017.
    We've kinda been a mess for the past. . . since the 80s. I don't think its Trump or Obama, now getting to Bush and further back is where you start getting the root of the cause. I don't harbor hate towards Obama, he tried to fix the country his way, Trump is trying to fix it a different way. Can't really blame any of the newer people in office for how good or bad they're doing given the shitty hand they've been given.

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