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Thread: Recovering from substance abuse.

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    Thanks everybody for the posts. Orange, I really appreciate your take on the matter. I’m going to do more research after I type my response. That’s kinda what I thought too, with the patterns. ‘It’s just because I saw them.’ But some days it gets better, some days it gets worse. Maybe it’s all in my head and no damage has been dealt. Or... maybe not. Regardless, it’s been a LONG time and I’m still seeing change.

    Rooky, I saw your PM and I’m going to get back to you as soon as I level up!
    Look up neuroplasticity. The physical configuration of your brain was perhaps rearranged slightly, resulting in a change in your perception, but it is not damage. Tryptamines aren't neurotoxic and most (read: all commonly used recreational ones) substituted amphetamines are only neurotoxic at very high or very frequent dosage intervals and even then that is dependent on a constellation of external factors (e.g. body temperature) What you report is actually a very common result of psychedelic use, with a few polls reporting it occurs in some 60% of people. For example, I see fractal patterns in just about every plant and in smoke as well. The reason it is not more discussed is that only 4% of that number have trouble coping with that change (anecdotally, in my experience it is because they, like you, are afraid they "fried their brain," itself likely a result of sensational and inaccurate media coverage of psychedelics) and find these visual phenomena distracting or distressing.

    The more you look for weird perceptual phenomena, the more you find, the more you convince yourself your perception must be wrong, so to correct that you end up looking for more weird perceptual phenomena and restart the cycle. It can be viscous, I know because I've been there. I linked that song because listening to it every day got me through it. In time it either gets integrated in to your normal perception and automatically compensated for (like so many visual aberrations, only there when you're looking for them. If you can find the JST virtual science center's mind lab it does a great job of explaining these) or edited out entirely (like blind spots), but this can only happen if you stop looking for them and trust your eyes and brain to do their jobs. Perception is an inherently imperfect thing and psychedelic experiences drive that home in a very real way for a lot of people. When a visual phenomena generally ignored is brought to the forefront by a psychedelic experience, your perception of it is coloured by the circumstances in which you first *really* noticed it, but many are not exclusive to psychedelic experiences. (entopic phenomena, for example) If you look for flaws in human perception, you will always find them, but to focus on the flaws is to unfairly discount the authenticity of the image as a whole.

    What today you think of as flaws you may even find to become blessings in certain respects. I find I can draw vegetation very accurately without a reference as a result of my psychedelic experiences. I can't even remember what trees "normally" looked like when their pattern wasn't the most salient feature about them, but they just as beautiful.

    Also, when you say bright lights stain your vision, that happens to everybody and gets worse as you get older.
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    Thank you so much for this. I took enough often enough to where it could be damage, but... maybe not. After reading this, I think itís all in my head. I definitely did gain something great from my experiences, too. Itís very hard to explain, but it indirectly gave me passion, love, the constant drive to always make myself a better person, and to do my best. I may seem a bit awkward, but thatís okay.

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