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Thread: Who likes Lego!

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    Smile Who likes Lego!

    Lego rules! anyways i dont have much to say on the subject Just felt like making a post to see how many others loved playing with lego and if they had anything to share about it. So umm, tell us how big your collection is, how many peices you can stick up your nose, if you know where i can find cheap lego, pictures of stuff you have made, etc, etc (yes, this is just a evil scheme so aj can come steal all your legos)

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    Lego Lego Lego!

    I love playing with lego! It's so much fun!

    I have a spare room with atleast 9 boxes filled with legos. (which I'm going to give to a family member)

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    6 years of my childhood was spent playing with Legos. Many hours every day, until I was 10 or so, I guess. I still have them in a big box in the spare room upstairs, and won't give them away because they're kind of like an heirloom now. Like the family flatware, or Granny's wedding ring.

    Sometimes I still pull them out and play with them for a while.

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    LEGOs are the perfect non-electronic toy. Seriously, I could spend entire days playing with just LEGOs and not get even slightly bored. I build small and big stuff. I built simple and complicated stuff. Then I though up a fantasy scenario where said construction would be destroyed and smashed it. Then I started over with something new.

    I guess I have about a full bathtub worth of LEGOs. Haven't played with them in a long time now though. The closest I've come is beating LEGO Star Wars.

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    I have a 5 gallon bucket full of Lego's , Some new , some so old they had the chew marks from when i was 4ish lol. So yeah I like my legos, anyone else ever get in trouble when your parents stepped on a Lego brick that you didn't put up?

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    I have 5 whole stacker drawers filled with lego, and brio and playmobil in the other - I could spend hours on end playing with and making things with lego - And occasionally still do

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    I have a MASSIVE amount of star-wars themed legos, including my clone army and custom dropship.

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    Legos have got to be my favorite toy. Has anybody else seen the Mythbusters where they build a giant Lego ball?

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    woah, some of you have lots of lego, i'll be around soon to steal it all, muhahahehepee *giggles*

    It's awesome how everyone saves and tresures their lego forever. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 5 years but still havn't merged our lego collection because we'd both want it to stay at our own houses so we can play wif it there *giggles*. I bet when we get married we'll need a prenuptial agreement saying who had what lego peices

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    Love legos, I need to start playing with mine more, and i'll be sure to put some pics in the gallary one what I tipicaly make.

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