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    Question A little new but trying

    recently i asked my roommate if i can bee treated as his girlfriends baby, he said no but it was all fine. hes like a brother to me and i respected him very much and i didnt want to cross any boundary's .
    he's very accepting of the abdl community and knows what i'm going threw(i think). so in a cupple of weeks he's going to try to hook me up with a girl he knows that like to be a mommy. i'm not sure how its going to work out but im excited
    Im very new to telling new people and i get how taboo this fetish/life style can be. idk any suggestions of accepting who i am? im scared og my frends finding out thats more closed minded than my RM..... idk im just very new to this community

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    So many questions. Yes, it is very scary if someone finds out. I doubt they will unless you or your rm tell them.

    This seems to be your first post? We are a support group but we have found the best advice is given when we know more about the person we're giving advice to. Please take a moment and introduce yourself here. There a guide to help you if you need it.

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    alright were to begin lol.... well I’m a 26 male, youngest of 4 children spawned from my mother’s womb, I been into wearing diapers for along as I can remember. I remember the first time, I had to be around 5 or 6 when I was dared to wear one by and old childhood friend, so I went into his baby sisters room and took a diaper, went back to him and he told me to put it on, at that point I knew I liked them. mom picked me up to take me home (still having the diaper under my cloths). It was time for a bath, she trying to help take off my shirt and pants I was so nervous and try to make my stand of my first remembrances of independence but her being frustrated and just want to get its done and over with that’s when she discovered it. I can’t recall if she punished me or not but I knew she was angry. at the same time my parents were going through a nasty divorce. My parents got in to a fight one night right in front of me, I was being put to bed (not sure if it was the same day) but it was early just getting dark out, my dad said I should stay up and she wanted me sleeping. Next thing I know she hitting my dad, he didn’t want to fight in front of me so he pinned her down on the floor telling her to stop. Mom screaming bloody murder, turns the tables and pins my dad, he just gave up or something but I remember my mom deliberately throwing herself down the stairs, calling the cops throwing dad in jail for the a result they got a divorce. My mom took everything and drained him of 95% of his possessions took both kids and mover away (about 30min away… not too bad). We moved from town to town cliché, met a lot of different people. Hardly saw my mom for being single working mom. Whenever school ended for the summer she wouldn’t spend hardly any time with us, just throw us in the YMCA program. I get now that’s she had to work to keep food on the table but being younger I was much more selfish and less understanding.
    It wasn’t till I was 11 I had more desires to wear diapers. Stole some from my grandma when I found out they made them in bigger sizes. When I was 13 I discovered masturbating, then diapers got added into the mix, didn’t do it much didn’t get a lot of privacy. Still living with my mom and her now 3rd and final husband, she was giving me a lot of shit idk why. I found out I could legally move out at 16, so I asked my dad if I can move back in with him, I gave me a chance to have more privacy and to further explore this fetish. I just stop talking to my mom I was mad about something, and still haven’t talked to her to this day.
    In 10th grade I thought I got really serious with an ex-girlfriend…. But I was wrong, I was feeling lonely and wanted to share my feelings with her, I told my secret and probably should have thought it out better, at first, she thought I rape children or something (it was like wow really?) quickly I told her it had nothing to with that. She accepted me for it but never brought it up again, for Christmas she bought me a teddy bear naturally I loved it (still have it and still sleep with it every night) I thought she was starting to open up and see what this fetish was about, until her mom came over to meet my dad and end up getting drunk and slept with him. They started to see each other more and more, my gf got mad and broke it off with me (I think it was that our parents were dating at the same time we were). I loved her and my dad just fucked it up for me, let alone her mom is a psycho bitch. I was done for girls for a while nothing but heartbreak
    I just droved deeper in my ABDL desire. Finding more babyish diapers and thicker overnight ones. Found sited and eBay for onesies and pacifiers I think that’s what did it for me, wanting the comfort and love of a soft diaper, wishing I had a mother or girlfriend to hold me and treat me like a baby. Letting me go back when everything isn’t so complicated. There’s so much more to tell but finally it feels good to tell least a community that has a similar interest, feels nice to get this off my chest….

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