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Thread: Bedwetting

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    I rarely if ever wet in my sleep or while lying down but it usually happens as soon as I get out of bed. Gravity, yo. No chance of reaching the bathroom in time so I sleep padded but the bed itself never gets wet, not even from leaks.

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    I’ve given in to the fact that I can either get up 3 times a night to pee with fitful sleep and crazy dreams or I can use a boosted premium diaper every night. Before that, I was never prone to wetting the bed, but now it’s a risk. Even so, it’s almost always been that I wake up and can stop it, not a major flood. I often wet the diapers and don’t remember and can get 4 to 7 pound diapers by morning. But I’m much more rested and functional during the day.

    I don’t know why anyone who might possibly wet the bed wouldn’t use waterproof mattress pads, maybe two at once. You could put your mattress into a waterproof zippered bag and put a waterproof mattress pad on top of that.

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    Frequently. There are nights where I think I've got this thing under control and I try sleeping without padding, and then I end up flooding the bed.

    Then there are nights like tonight where I wore double padded just because I felt extra little, and I wake up in the middle of wetting. It was a major wetting, too, a complete soaking. Gonna need a middle of the night changing.

    I've basically stopped taking chances with it and started sleeping padded every night. It's easier than changing sheets every day.

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