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    I started to indulge in AB/DL culture back in college, where there was a surprisingly big community of people who shared an interest in it (30 or so) that attended my school. They held meet ups that were sort of like club gatherings, where they would do anything you saw a normal AB/DL would do. Roleplay, dress up, e.t.c. I started talking with one girl in particular who I shared a class with. We spoke for a few weeks and were well acquainted to each other. She invited me over to her apartment to hang out. I came over, of course bringing along some DL things that I had. When I got to her apartment, I was a little... thrown off. Her entire place looked like a nursery. It was a bit surreal, considering id never seen one of those adult sized cribs or anything. She had toys, clothes, and even baby food lying around everywhere. it was a bit of a mess. But what really took me for a loop was the amount of baby pictures she had. Not her baby pictures, just... random people's kids. I asked her about it, and she was weirdly attached to them. She said she was majoring in photography, and worked as a photographer at Macy's. She said she likes to keep client's pictures as a "proof of purchase" for her business. It was obvious that that was just a bad cover-up story, and I told her that seemed illegal. She told me I was "kink shaming" her. I couldn't handle it, and left. I haven't spoken to, or seen her since, and I'm not sure if I was supposed to report that or not.

    Having a "fetish" for being a baby is one thing, but she really crossed a line. The scary thing is, she seemed just like everyone else in that little group. There could have been something else going on behind the scenes there, and i feel uncomfortable thinking back to it.

    So, how do you know when to draw the line with a fetish? Or, how do you know when someone else takes something too far?



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    Kinda wierd, but I don't think illegal unless she was selling (or giving?) them to third parties. That would be more of an invasion of privacy thing, not kiddie porn. You're not supposed to use or profit from other people's images without their permission.

    I'm assuming, of course, that they weren't naked or suggestive pictures.

    If you looked at my living room not knowing I have a 4 year old granddaughter who visits frequently, you might think the same thing. Baby pictures, toys everywhere, a shelf full of Disney videos by the TV, child sized table and chairs (that were mine when I was 4). Mrs. Maxx takes the grandma thing very seriously.

    Edit: I suppose it's almost a shame that I'm strictly DL with nearly zero AB tendencies. All of that wasted on me.
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    Whoa, back up. You say she is completely into abdl, correct? But then at the end you say she has a fetish for baby pictures. You do know abdl and fetishes are completely seperate right?

    At any point did she even indicate she was sexually turned on by being with and taking pictures of real babies? And were any of those pictures sexually suggestive? If this is the case then you would be right to be so concerned.

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