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Thread: Why We Argue

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    A lot of political sparring/tribalism today is arguing for the sake of arguing. There are a lot of divisive lines outside of conservative vs. liberal; there's tribalism that is ethnically related and economically inspired. That funnels further into "belief" divisions such as science vs. religion, and what is right vs. wrong.

    My generation is one brought up on social media. I see way too many politically-charged hotheads try to outdo one another with images of uprooted poor people, politicians with devil horns, impact font, etc. While the silent generation crafted the world with work ethic and Gen X with individualism, millenials' segway to success is predicated on conformity. In short, social media has really changed the flux of opinions, and the speed at which they gain in number.

    That all being said, I think it's a foolish jump to break the ice with anything political or religious. I feel as though a lot of people can't help but be shaped by their governing circumstances and if I were brought up in population-dense Tokyo with a liberal outlook and a vegan lifestyle, immigrating to the states in my adolescence- I would be an entirely different political presence than if I were born in Alabama, butchering my own breakfast, reciting the pledge in the morning, saying prayers at night, and spending my waking hours knee deep in livestock. A lot of people extrapolate political beliefs in a personal direction because where they cast their vote is melded into the fabric of their upbringing.

    A lot of flexible thinking is owed to the propensity of someone growing to change their perspective. Let's say someone moved up from impoverished farmer to established hand to business owner to corporate prince of Chickens Incorporated. All throughout his life, our hypothetical character has had arguments clustering in his ear, and recognized patterns of that the higher he "went", the more drastic the shift in opinions. Either one is a chameleon, keen on self-revision and bending with the tide of the majority or has anchored themselves to rigid beliefs since rational thought ever came to their fruition. Eventually, one cannot thrive in a political hemisphere not conducive to their own rhetoric. Either our character will decide that their environment is too yin for their yang or sacrifice their conventions for a little wiggle-room in upward mobility... It is hard to see what drives a perspective because no human being is an algortihm; but at the same time, any consensus draw will tell you that certain individuals from certain areas and ages are associated with certain beliefs.

    I am a forward-thinking individual and a lot of my thought-basis is geared not on judgement of external factors. If someone is Christian vs. atheist, trans v. cisgender, gay v. straight, liberal vs. conservative, I won't shape a portrait of opinionated leverage until I can have a heart-to-heart with an individual. Even then, I'm apprehensive to judgement because, I see people as a series of moments and decisions. I've been hundreds of people over the course of my lifetime. Keeping an open mind but a closed heart seems to be my baseline.

    My "personal" beliefs on the matter is conducive to the 'Great Filter' theory. That a civilization must win some stripes to stride out into the vast universe and humans taking on a global heating event is one such example. The nastiness of potential nuclear disaster is another. Why we argue, I feel, is hedonistic and if such matters persist; we and the generations we are presently fostering won't have the luxury to argue.

    In the spirit of arguing, as huge as my conceived personal universe may seem, it's a bunch of hot air to someone who disagrees. It can easily be closed down by someone who hasn't had the same experiential overlap that I have had. I can either appease my opponent my agreeing to disagree but once I'm in an opposing corner; I'm simply a bunch of "nos" to their "yeses". Most of it amounts to a lot of wasted time. Some people exist solely prey on others and to browbeat. And then there are contrarians that thrive on communication breakdown.

    Aside from arguing being instrumented as a tool to form rigid lines within our own circle, I don't feel it serves any constructive purpose. Creative arguing differs from fanatical madness, but a lot of rubs today are built on politics which is built on tribalism which is built on labels. This is all compounded when you take into consideration the special degree of narcissism and urge to conform that social media can breed. I mostly come into contact with mouthfuls of negatives. Unless it leads to something constructive, I normally won't indulge.

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