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Thread: It's a bit late but Hi everyone!

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    Default It's a bit late but Hi everyone!

    Hi just relised i haven't done one of these, or if i have i've forgot (my memory is horrible).

    contary to the title-thing under my name may say, i am not new here, i merely don't post often or when i do it's like once every week or 2.

    Any way, about me...
    i'm werid, and proud of it, inderviduality should be celebrated.
    i like comic books, for instance Ghost Rider (the guy in the picture) Punisher ect. i love video games, tv and films, i blame the media for my poor work at school. i'm very open minded and honest, well most of the time.

    as for *B/DL things i'm a bit of a wimp, i've never really tried real diapers, had a few mishaps with makeshift ones tho. i'm sortta playin the waiting game, in the sense that once i get a car then i have more privacy and hopefully more confidence.

    so hi everyone.

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    I'm in your same boat. Parents would hate it if they found out, wanting me to be the man of the house. Well, nice to meet you though m8!!

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    Many new members start with those reservations, and after looking around and talking to other more experienced members they get more confidence themselves. Fairly soon it will be easier to buy and wear, and everyone will feel more comfortable.

    Sooooo... welcome to our community, just look around a while and you'll see just how many others have been in your spot and how they got past it. Something you see might just work for you.

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    Welcome! I'm also a pround weirdo (Technically, aren't we all?) With a passion for video games.

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