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Thread: High School Senior Pranks

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    Default High School Senior Pranks

    I'm just a freshman and rising sophomore, but the seniors did their annoying, disgusting prank today. It was funny to see the principal and teachers running around crazy, but it was still annoying.

    During my lunch period, someone put pieces of dog crap in the microwave and kept it on until they exploded.

    I thought someone used a diaper at first, but soon it was really bad. Everyone was gagging and breathing through their shirts, and students tried to escape. The lunch ladies forced us back in (only seniors can eat outside), but they eventually let us out.

    Well, what are some memorable ones you know about?

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    I am a senior and we haven't really done anything yet but we were thinking about puting the principal's car on blocks.

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    Me and two of my best took a bucnh of tires and stuck them over the flag pole kinda like a ring toss. They got pissed becasue they said if you did a senior prank you wouldn't walk and it was the first one in four years. Oops , we never got caught

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    There was one senior prank that happened before I was a freshman. They glued all the locks on the library doors except for one, so now instead of 6 doors, ther's only one. They still havn't fixed it and I'm a senior.

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    We don't do senior pranks here because our principal has a rod up his ass. The most we get to do is hold some really epic food fights.

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    The only prank of any size at my high school was two kids went and painted our high school's letters on our domed gym. Unfortunately the idiots did it where no one could see it. Other than that my High school years were pretty boring.

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    We have a mascot at our school and someone cut its head off : / it was pretty funeh actualy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    We have a mascot at our school and someone cut its head off : / it was pretty funeh actualy.
    Hurray school spirit. Gimmy an A, Gimmy a *chop chop chop**Head goes rolling*. Muhahaha.

    It sounds funny as long as no one was in it. That would be murder, and murder is only funny when involves ice cream and paper clips.

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    At a nearby school they painted 'Al Qaeda land here' on the roof. -

    We have also had people coming into our school in the middle of the night and paintballed the entire gym hall - the clean up bill was 4000!!!

    There has also been LIVE fish put on the swimming pool and weed killer poured on the grass in the shape of a penis - and it was BIG (50ft x 20ft)

    This was of course the 6th year 'muck up day'

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    I realize this is a fine point, but to me, these accounts aren't even in the prank category and veer straight into vandalism for a larf. A prank is not destructive or damaging, it's a joke on a large scale. I'm not expecting that any high school senior class come up with anything like this: Funny Videos - Yale Students Organize Elaborate "We Suck" Prank Against Harvard but that's solid prank material to me. If people can't come up with anything cool and inventive they should just move along.

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