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Thread: Least Cool Cartoon/Comic Book Hero

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Least Cool Cartoon/Comic Book Hero

    I got the idea from the "coolest person" thread and just sort of turned it 90 degrees.

    So... who do you think are the lamest comic book or cartoon heroes ever? Two come to my mind:

    -- Apache Chief. Yeah, from the bad old "justice league" cartoons from the 1980s. The guy's sole super-power was to grow 100' tall. He couldn't fly. He couldn't read minds. He couldn't teleport. All he could do is get really big. ::yawn::.

    -- Captain Planet: How did this show last as long as it did? The hero could only manifest if five bickering, unruly teenagers decided to call him out. Then he always whined about people being litter bugs or buying guns (hey, and handgun ownership doesn't really pollute that much!) And while Superman could be overcome only by a fisstful of kyptonite, all it took to give Captain Planet the blues was to spray him with Exxon Premium Diesel.

    Who are your lame heroes?

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    Aquaman, of course! I mean, he sucks, and while pop culture has continuously ragged on him...

    ... they rag on him for a reason.

    Right behind him are Green Lantern, Moon Knight, and Antman.

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    I'd have to agree with Dawes. Aquaman Is lame as all get out. He can swim, breath under water, and talk to fish. he has all the same powers as Spongebob.

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    Wonder Twins and Aquaman

    Aquaman, because he as powerful as Spongebob >.< and I never like the wonder twins for some reason.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Gawd! I forgot about the not-so-Wonder Twins. How would you like to be the the guy who turns into an icicle and then run into a full-strength super hero like Iceman? Ha ha ha ha!

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    Every Marvel time traveling mutant.

    Jan and Jacen and Gleep, the replacements for the Wonder Twins and their dog.

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    Robin: He's pointless

    Aquaman: Ooo...Water....

    Flash: He run's fast...That's about it...

    Invisible chick from Fantastic 4: Being invisible might be coo, but it doesn't really help in a fight...

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    Ummm- I'm thinking Dyno mutt was a total waste of ink. Him AND the Blue Falcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Invisible chick from Fantastic 4: Being invisible might be coo, but it doesn't really help in a fight...
    Invisible girl, and yes it could. It is much easier to own someone when they can't see you.

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