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Thread: WARNING! Christian rights been removed

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalogRTO View Post
    Where is the scientific evidence to show me what a 'marriage' is? I need the measurable, physical traits, please. Where is your evidence that words have not undergone any evolution over time? I'm still waiting for a response.

    Sometimes words evolve over time, but sometimes they are maliciously redefined in the short term to suit an agenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post

    Sometimes words evolve over time, but sometimes they are maliciously redefined in the short term to suit an agenda.
    So you can't provide me any scientific evidence to define this term 'marriage' that I can go out and measure beyond a display of a peacock mating dance display? I fail to see how that even adds to the discussion here.

    As for things evolving over time, what constitutes long term vs. short term? As you answer, please consider the speed of scientific progress through human history. After all, our thinking and abilities today have changed radically in the period of a single generation as opposed to centuries.

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    If you're going to continue to insist marriage is, and has always been, about reproduction, then a few things need to happen here:
    1) You need to provide historical evidence to support this claim; go back at least 3000 years
    2) Explicitly agree that men with vasectomies, women past menopause or who've had hysterectomies, and anyone who uses birth control should be legally barred from marriage

    If can't agree with the second point, which is a logical extension of your stance, you'll need to provide a rational reason why it's not discriminatory to allow infertile heterosexual marriages while still barring homosexual ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    1. When and where in this thread did I say anything about Jesus? The Bible DOES agree with a lot of the things I've said, but that's coincidence. Or perhaps a lot of the things in the bible were a codification of public health and common law back in the day, but that's another thread.

    2. Everyone was equal. Anyone was free to marry anyone of the opposite sex. Two guys or two girls don't bring the right tools to the party. One round peg and one round hole required to play the game. In order for so-called marriage equality to exist, you had to deny the existence and purpose of pegs and holes. Logical absurdities result in other areas.
    So I really enjoy how you skirted around my challenge and question. You've been doing this a lot, and just saying that 'this supports me'. Obviously, US law, through a SCOTUS decision, supports me. The US government is the surpreme authority on what marriage licence should and will be issued. Marriage licences are not issued by any religion or institution other than the government, and thus are not subject to their rules and regulations.

    There was a reason for this, because it does allow all Americans equality in the marriage contract. The marriage licence is not a reproduction licence.

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    Azie, I’m still waiting on Maxx to comment on my “marriage” status, considering the active steps we take to prevent conception. Apparently I am not “married” to my SO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Voting... [is] great for things that aren't physical realities.

    ... we COULD vote the earth flat.
    Donald Trump became president by majority vote of the electoral college so I have to concede anything is possible.

    But you're right. Voting isn't great for physical realty. You and I aren't the only ones to realize this, so, despite Trumps victory, the people are never going to vote the earth flat.

    We could maliciously change the definitions of things like "man" "woman" and "marriage" in order to force everyone to accept and buy into our personal fantasies, but what does that do but set that table for further flawed and paradoxical conclusions?

    Voting, compromise and consensus are great for things that aren't physical realities
    "Maliciously" is just an opinion, and opinions have less physical reality to them than farts, but just like farts they can get attention when expressed strongly enough. (Maybe we could accomplish more if we didn't take ourselves so seriously: "I say, Maxx, my good fellow, what are your farts on the subject?")

    Getting back to reality, ignoring possible minor, technical disagreements, we agree that "man" and "woman" refer to physical realities. We agree that "marriage" refers to a specific kind of legal relationship between two people, traditionally (in our country at least) between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows people to legally enter into same sex marriages. SC rulings generally can't be changed. A significant portion of the population is not satisfied with the results of this ruling. Laws, policy, and the constitution itself, can be changed in response to the ruling, but we (the people) don't agree on what changes should be made.

    This all creates an emotional situation for us. What is the best way to find agreement in this situation? ... or should we just give up and let it fester forever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I'm pretty sure that partridges don't understand the concept of marriage.

    Anyway, they're the homophobes of the bird genus. It's funny how important same-sex marriage coupling can be to many other bird species, however:

    People who have a problem with homosexuality often claim that it isn't "natural" or "doesn't happen in other animals", when nothing could further from the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Sometimes words evolve over time, but sometimes they are maliciously redefined in the short term to suit an agenda.
    "Marriage" is a legal term. Your private rights, your beliefs, etc., aren't affected at all if gay marriage is legal. How could it make any difference to you at all?

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