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Thread: So scared they wet their pants?

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    I can imagine messing my pants if I was really scared - but not wetting them.

    I do think it depends on your body.

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    I haven't done so as an adult, but I have a vivid memory of wetting myself (maybe 8 or 9 years old) when my parents were fighting. My dad had a hair trigger temper in those days, and whenever he yelled, it boomed through the house. I was afraid it was my fault they were arguing and that they'd get a divorce. I think most kids have those thoughts in those moments. I was sitting in my little rocking chair in my room and wet myself out of fear and anxiety. I remember being so embarrassed about it.

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    That kind of thing has only happened to me once. I already have a weak bladder, and I was watching a scary movie and had quite the accident. This was before I had to wear protection 24/7, so my pants were utterly soaked!

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    Its a defense mechanism. When your sympathetic nervous system is activated (fight, flight, freeze), some people's brains overload them with parasympathetic activation response, much like vasovagal syncope.

    There's lots of medical explanations to this, but they hold no weight outside of a lecture hall, and it would be speaking spanish otherwise.

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