I told Mr.Un hat not to be offensive but if he thinks trump or pence is on the level have is inteligence people compare and contrast the state of Indiana, those are people pence "liked" trusting the mango mussolini would be great harm to his country , just look at trump on Iran reckless ignorant and volatile ,trump has inched us forward on the doomsday clock , that canary hasn't sang "air raid" in several administrations let's face it we made jokes about the "dumb bush" at least he had integrity , certainly didn't like many of his decisions but i respected the man and the office , nothing in my upbringing education or training ever prepared me for knowing the president lies every 83 seconds since taking office , and you have these people that thinking the United States violated trump in some way , i honestly don't give a rats ass who your political party is that's between you, god and the clerk of elections , what I care about is we did just fine for 200 years as a nation of laws ,before trump I don't care if the investigation shows the democrats are dangerous , when the cards are played and facts are established no prosecutor in there right mind are going to take part in rumor, speculation, name calling insults or any of the bullshit going around , i care about factual evidence and the rule of law being applied to whoever is guilty of any crime on any level of this abyss and finally i care that we become the humans our dogs think we are ,and i care that we bear true allegiance to our national indentity what ever that is and refrain from this embarrassing belligerent arrogance of piling blame on the figurehead representing government, it takes more than one mouthy moron to be a government and to fail or to succeed takes a village not just the idiot of said village ,and if i sound bitchy i am , i went to the doctor the appointment ran long because my doctor wanted to get me a medical marijuana card , i take a raft of drugs for different things ,i am a pop up pharmacy wherever I go and it could very well let me ditch a bunch of them well improving my quality of life , so because I off this my bus was missed and Thanks to greyhound corporate screwing the pooch I sat in my wheelchair for 30 hours straight ,it doesn't matter how many actuators and motion widgets you can't do that to a body and not have it complain loudly ,it takes me a week in bed to recover from a regular 16 hour trip ,so my aide doesn't think I am going to make it to my cardiologist appointment in 3 days under my own steam ,the good news I used my double boosted Northshore for an astonishing 24 hours without a change or a leak I dare say there was still another 5 hours left in that puppy ,i havent needed to restock from my old supply since the addition of the elastic but look forward to that resupply, in closing take that wellness brief and SAP it, Thanks for the rant,and your patience.i like the fact we all have different points of view, from different life experiences but we don't get uncivil about it ,it reflects on us well as people ,a diverse community as any I have ever been in .

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