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Thread: Swimmin While Diapered??

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    Default Swimmin While Diapered??

    Has anyone else done it??

    i have done it on a few occasions where my parents have gone on vacation and i find myself home alone for a week or two. A few years ago my diaper of choi8ce for this would have been cvs disposables but they have since changed and to a cloth backed style which i will never wear.

    However most recently i have gone in the pool with first quality and attends and had good results. Although the diapers did swell up pretty thick they never began leaking slimy lumpy diaper material like i have had depends do in the past when exposed to large amounts of water.

    If you have never swam in nothing but a diaper i highly reccomend it at first it fells amazing having the cold water push against the outside of your diaper. Eventually the water will make its way in and when you get out it gets really pufffy and heavy. Its just a fun time all around.

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    No never done this since I don't have a swimming pool. I could, however, do it in my bath tub.

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    Haha, I've done this with a bambino. It swelled up like a balloon, and I had to change it after 2 hours because it irritated my skin.

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    I did it once in the bathtub but the diaper kinda sorta exploded and let that absorbant stuff all over! I wasnt caught luckily.

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    Sounds like a fun idea but there is no way I can do this right now because i'm still with my parents.

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    That diaper gel can clog up ure drain be careful. Ive had a diaper explode before and its a hell of alot of cleanup to do.

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    Hmmm I'm going to have to go with no. As others said, I don't own a pool and live with my parents, so I really have no way of swimming with a diaper (and the bathtub is kinda lame :P). Maybe if I'm ever in a situation where I can go swimming in a secluded lake by myself I might try it (could be fun...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    No never done this since I don't have a swimming pool. I could, however, do it in my bath tub.
    me neither dont have one

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    nope cant say that i have lol but it sounds like a good idea once i get a pool ill try it

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    Yeah i have try doing it in a thick cloth and plastic pants, it get way heavy and soaked

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